Great Joy

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Why celibacy is right for me

(Simon Brubaker/THE WASHINGTON POST) There has been much talk recently about priestly celibacy. Italian Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s new … Continued

(UNDATED) Following are brief explanations of the process used in a conclave to elect a new pope. Q: Who governs … Continued

Parents accept daughter’s rare illness as ‘God’s will’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Eric and Ruth Brown believe nothing about daughter Pearl Joy’s life is a mistake. They say God … Continued

Why civil discourse is imperative for inter-Jewish dialogue

Courtesy of the Samuel Bronfman Foundation Edgar Bronfman with Bronfman Youth Fellowships students. The increasingly partisan tone of the upcoming … Continued

Proposition 8 and the new religious reality

Lea Suzuki AP Supporters of gay marriage react outside the James R. Browning United States Courthouse after a federal appeals … Continued

Faltering and Leading: The Conservative Movement

By Tim Muldoon In the aftermath of Jesus’ death, a frightened Peter and a group of dispirited disciples scattered, lost … Continued

Christmas, Christians, and Christ

“Keep Christ in Christmas!” is the familiar refrain of Christians who fear the secularization of the holy day celebrating the … Continued

Our puppy’s keeper: Christianity and the care of animals

By Laura Hobgood-Oster All over the U.S. animals (well, mostly dogs) gather on church lawns, in city parks and even … Continued

A pastoral response to Ann Rice ‘quitting’ Christianity

Anne Rice is in a season that many, if not all, Christians experience: the great joy of coming to personally … Continued

Are we brave enough for faith?

Martha Woodroof Round 4 Are we brave enough for faith . . . Martha note: This is round four of … Continued

Successful couples share same religious or moral vision

Chelsea Clinton, raised Methodist, and Marc Mezvinsky, Jewish, will wed this weekend. Statistics show that 37 percent of Americans have … Continued

Obama issues proclamation for National Day of Prayer

BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA A PROCLAMATION Throughout our history, whether in times of great joy … Continued

Material and Spiritual Joy

“The days of the holiday are days of great joy for Israel since it is the time of the harvest … Continued

Leave Security to the Professionals

Some New York-area rabbis are planning to bring weapons to High Holy Day services this month to guard against terrorist … Continued

Teddy Kennedy’s Search for Meaning

The eulogies for Teddy Kennedy will be laudatory. He will be called one of our greatest senators, a dedicated politician … Continued

The Gift of Celibacy

By Rev. Kevin O’Brienchaplain, Georgetown University There has been much talk about Father Alberto Cutié’s very public struggles with his … Continued

A New Start for the Anglican Church in North America

Once upon a time, the Anglican Church was a powerful presence in the U.S.A.­ known as the Protestant Episcopal Church … Continued

Jesus Calls Women to Serve and Lead

From the Bible to contemporary Christianity, women have been there as examples of faith.

Iran is Not the Enemy

The “axis of evil” has no relevance for me when I think of Iran, a country I’ve found to have … Continued

Seeking and Finding What Matters

Someone asked me about 10 years ago what I would like written on my epitaph. I responded immediately without even … Continued