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5 Ways Harry Potter Mirrors the Christian Story

There’s little doubt that the Christian tradition informs much of Rowling’s beloved series.

YouTube account that may belong Tamerlan Tsarnaev had bookmarked videos on terrorism

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Sister Farley’s revenge: Want to popularize a book? Ban it.

From papyrus to vellum to paper to e-books, two principles of publishing have not changed over the centuries: 1. Churches … Continued

‘The Hunger Games’ and movie morality

Young adult readers have propelled “The Hunger Games” trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins into bestseller stardom. The new film, … Continued

Narnia’s “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” and the follies of faith on film

Evangelical Christian filmgoers don’t seem that impossible to please. But, like Harry Potter fans, they prefer the plot to stay as is.

Politics, Religion and Culture: Top Picks 2010

By Greg Garrett Baylor University Professor and Patheos Columnist The media-world is the shelter where the vast majority of those … Continued

‘Naughty and Nice’ retailers? Check it twice

By David Waters Just in time for Black Friday, the second holiest Friday on the Christian calendar, Liberty Counsel has … Continued

The theology of Harry Potter

In the world of the Harry Potter books (and films), good and evil aren’t abstract, and they aren’t polar opposites, … Continued

Tangible Faith in an Age of Distraction

By Craig DetweilerPepperdine University, and Contributor to Patheos.com Anybody feeling a bit overwhelmed? I find myself drowning in a sea … Continued

Twilight’s Flawed Faith

Guest blogger John Mark Reynolds is a professor of philosophy at Biola University, the author of the new book “When … Continued

Loving Harry, Hogwarts and All

Conservative Christian reviews of the new Harry Potter movie are surprisingly positive. “As ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ opens, … Continued

Harry Potter: Wizards and Racism

The midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was packed–with the twenty-somethings who have grown up on the … Continued

Warren Buffett, American Dumbledore

Warren Buffett has long been called “the Wizard of Omaha,” but recent financial gyrations in world-wide markets have greatly increased … Continued

The Undead World Of Supernatural Junk Thought

There is absolutely no difference between supernatural beliefs in such ancient systems of junk thought as astrology and supernatural beliefs … Continued

McCain’s Incendiary Supporter

The squabble surrounding San Antonio televangelist John Hagee’s endorsement of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain reminds me of why there … Continued

Accomodation is Capitulation

Anyone who is not aware of the subtle strategy of the religionists who hate and wish to destroy the Western … Continued

My response to yoyo

yoyo said: Rev Willis Thanks for responding to my comment. You seem to agree that the supernatural and the imagination … Continued

The Faith of a Muggle

Just in case you have been living on Mars for the last decade, Muggle is the term used in the … Continued

Saying Goodbye to Harry

As of today, there are ten days remaining until the seventh and final Harry Potter book releases internationally. Ten days … Continued

The Denial of Beliefs

Amid sunshine and the distant screeching of cicadas that have infested the Chicago suburbs, I woke up the morning of … Continued