Harry Truman

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What Presidents Really Believe about God

Historian Michael Beschloss explores the differences between what presidents say about religion and what they actually believe.

Billy Graham prays with Mitt Romney

Melina Mara THE WASHINGTON POST MONTREAT, NC – OCTOBER 11: Republican nominee for President Governor Mitt Romney meets with Reverend … Continued

U.S. Military, Open Your Doors to Sikhs

AP A sparrow braves an Indian Air Force honor guard standing at attention for a review by visiting Myanmar Army … Continued

Land of the free, home of the beards?

The U.S. Armed Forces are moving in the right direction. According to news reports late last week, the Army will … Continued

Billy Graham hospitalized, evaluated for possible pneumonia

Billy Graham has been hospitalized and is being evaluated for possible pneumonia, a spokesman for Mission Hospital in Asheville, N.C., … Continued

Gay and straight–a black and white issue

Despite public and military support for overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the legislation which bans openly gay service members, political, … Continued

Prayer is good policy

Q: Did the Pentagon do the right thing by disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event … Continued

We the people at prayer

By Carol and Philip Zaleskireligion teachers, authors Prayer is everywhere: on the battlefield, in the birthing room, on the deathbed, … Continued

Who makes the history books?: Dorothy Height, 1912-2010

How do some figures enter a nation’s historical memory, and how and why are others excluded? My guess is that … Continued

Obama Issues Day of Prayer Proclamation

By Jacqueline L. Salmon President Obama just issued his much-awaited proclamation for the National Day of Prayer today, calling on … Continued

Not Occasions for Government to Push Piety

With several notable exceptions, presidents going back to George Washington have issued proclamations encouraging prayers of thanksgiving. In 1952, Congress … Continued

When Presidents Deceive

One might think that everything a president needs to know about honesty was learned in Sunday school. Yet, as in … Continued

Finding Faith in the Oval Office

While writing “Presidential Courage,” I discovered that one of the biggest hidden influences on the nine Presidents in my book … Continued

Recipe for Politicians: Sincerity Yes, Advocacy No

Article VI of the Constitution of the United States is one of those core elements that makes you sit back … Continued