Health Reform

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Unwrap the gift of health this holiday

ASSOCIATED PRESS Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert gives Martha Stewart a kiss under the mistletoe ball they crafted together as he … Continued

Why Christians should support health care rationing

By Charles C. Camosy Photo credit: Haraz N. Ghanbari — Associated Press Photo. It’s coming.  Health care reform, Round II. … Continued

Vote your conscience on ALL the issues

I too believe that voting is a “serious moral obligation.” “Moral” in this sense means treating voting as an ethical … Continued

Health care reform: A victory for life and human dignity

By Morna Murray and Vincent Millerpresident of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Goodprofessor, University of Dayton Americans who have … Continued

Why Catholic bishops must fight for health reform

By Patricia PignatielloCatholics United On June 24 of last year, my family entered a nightmare. My brother James was admitted … Continued

Religion lobby pushes legislation, not reconciliation

By David Waters After a brief holiday recess, the Religion Lobby is gearing up to support or oppose health insurance … Continued

Wanted: Moral leadership for health reform

By Rev. Rayfield BurnsMetropolitan Missionary Baptist Church Kansas City, Mo. Last night, President Obama made it clear to Congress: “Do … Continued

Spiritual leadership in politics: An indispensible ideal

Q: In the Weekly Standard, University of Virginia professor James. W. Ceaser argues that President Obama’s approval ratings are suffering, … Continued

Fear not, Congress

By Rev. Heyward D. Wiggins Pastor, Camden (N.J.) Bible Tabernacle Church As a pastor, I have had the wonderful opportunity … Continued

Baby Jesus was uninsured

The scriptures record that Mary gave birth to Jesus, God incarnate, in a stable. There were shepherds and sheep, but … Continued

The struggle for Obama’s soul

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg It is high time for a little spin control. With pundits of every … Continued

No room in health reform for Mary?

JUST LAW AND RELIGION By Michael Kessler Chuck Norris thinks Obamacare could morph into first-century “Herodcare.” Norris thinks a democratic … Continued

Moralism without morality

Unorthodoxy By Patrick J. Deneen A recent post on this site raises some serious issues, and I think reveals a … Continued

Clashes of conscience

Should American lawmakers refuse to give government funding to those who object to the current moral consensus on controversial issues, … Continued

Body and soul care

My grandmother on my dad’s side Mary Maher, was, and will forever be, one of the most amazing people I … Continued

Avoiding end-of-life chaos

Q: Does end-of-life care prolong life or does it prolong suffering? Should it be a part of health-care reform? When … Continued

The Moral Mandate for Affordable Health Care for All

By Fr. Joseph Schad SJ,Hospital chaplain, Portland, Maine When Sen. Olympia Snowe, who has represented my home state for 14 … Continued

Early Religious Reaction to Obama’s Health Care Speech

By William Wan Religious folks on both sides of the health care debate are coming out in full force after … Continued

Honoring Kennedy’s Health Care Legacy

By John GehringCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good As the nation mourns the loss of Sen. Ted Kennedy, there … Continued

Religious Groups on Pros, Cons of Health-Care Reform

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Recent posts on various blogs lay out the stark differences in the way religious groups are … Continued