Heavenly Father

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What fatherhood taught me about God

John Moore/Getty Images The notion of God the father, or God as father, can be found in many traditions. Central … Continued

Is Mormonism an experience?

Jim Urquhart REUTERS The LDS Church’s Mormon Temple in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, in January. It is one of … Continued

A Heavenly Father for this life

“The idea that the universe invites me to pursue Heavenly Father’s perfection stirs and moves me, inspires my thinking, and … Continued

A ‘Sermon on the Mount’ for today

In terms of church attendance, America is far ahead of England and Western Europe, but I wonder if this has … Continued

On Ash Wednesday, more darkness for Catholic Church

By Elizabeth Tenety Tuesday may have been Mardi Gras for many in the Christian world, but in Catholic America, Tuesday … Continued

A Christian response to violence: radical love

2011 began with some bleak news for Muslim-Christian relations around the world.Recent attacks against churches in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt … Continued

Beck vs. King

Some may call it rich, but I’m happy if Glenn Beck wants to spread the message of Martin Luther King … Continued

Heaven is wherever God’s will is done

What is your vision of heaven? What images from scripture, tradition or your own personal experience describe it best? My … Continued

Your God-given potential

By Charles F. Stanleysenior pastor, First Baptist Church in Atlanta Does something inside keep telling you, I was meant for … Continued

The Fist and the Open Hand

Osama bin Laden was taught to approach people who are different from him with a clenched fist. Dr. Martin Luther … Continued

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream in India

This year is the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s visit to India, which he described as one … Continued

Happy 90th Birthday, Daddy Bill

A letter to my Grandfather for his 90th birthday Dearest Daddy Bill: As we celebrate your 90th birthday, I want … Continued

Wait, What Day is It?

I could blame it on classes starting on a Tuesday, on the deep disruption in my Circadian rhythm resulting from … Continued

Aspiring to Better Behavior

Whether it’s Christian-Muslim conflict in Bosnia or the sight of burning crosses lighting the night skies of the American South … Continued

Who Claims Martin Luther King Jr?

In America, we frame oversize pictures of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and we miniaturize him at the same time. … Continued

(Be Ye) Perfect?

I’m bothered and can’t put myself at ease. Saturday, as I made my weekly scavenge of the (still closing ) … Continued

Preparing for the End: Death in a UH-60

Twenty years ago on March 8, my entire first squad and number one machine gun team were killed in a … Continued

Appointment with God

I entered the chapel five minutes late and scuffled to the back pew. My squeaky tennis shoes made way too … Continued

On Being and Not Being a Buddhist

I am not a Buddhist. I’ve never told anyone that I am a Buddhist and have in fact denied the … Continued

Pandering to the Right

I found Governor Romney’s speech on religion to be little more than pandering to right-wing religious enthusiasts. It may help … Continued