Henry Kissinger

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Is it funny to be Jewish? Is it Jewish to be funny?

Sept. 4, 2013Communal Tallits are laid in the lobby for visitors to the Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C. The … Continued

The Jewish future seen through the eyes of an American statesman

AP American lawyer and IPRC (Immovable Property Review Conference) co-chairman Stuart E. Eizenstat talks to journalists in Prague, on Nov. … Continued

During the Holocaust, a musical prayer of hope

Since early childhood, music has always been a kind of prayer for 108-year-old Alice Herz-Sommer, the pianist from Prague and … Continued

Evangelicals rethink nuclear weapons

Millions of Americans grew up fearing nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. Mehdi Ghasemi ASSOCIATED PRESS In this photo released … Continued

Henry Kissinger’s betrayal: a stark contrast with other American Jews in public life

By Menachem Z. Rosensaft There can be no question that the recently released White House recordings by the Nixon Presidential … Continued

End times theology in the age of Obama

By Amarnath Amarasingam Kenneth Alex Randolf is a fifty-six year old former lawyer living in Seattle. When Barack Obama announced … Continued

Why conservative Christians should support nuclear abolition

By Rev. Tyler Wigg-Stevensonfounder and director, Two Futures Project When most people think of abolishing nuclear weapons, they think of … Continued

A ‘Grave Threat’

Q: Reacting in part to recent missile tests by Iran and North Korea, President Obama and a unanimous UN Security … Continued

Lust Messes Up, Love Straightens Out: Ask Mark Sanford

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

George Shultz Joins Evangelicals in Anti-Nuke Campaign

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Former Secretary of state George Shultz has teamed up with a slew of evangelical Christians to … Continued

From Here to Security

A lot has changed since the Cold War, but U.S. nuclear policy has not. In a world where two superpowers … Continued

Road to Sainthood Paved with Good Publicity

Since I never had a high opinion of Mother Teresa in the first place, this shameless publicity ploy to foster … Continued

Pledge of Allegiance Gets It Right

Many years ago, when I was growing up as a Muslim-American teen in New York’s Tappan Zee High School, every … Continued