Heterosexual Couples

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Scriptural and Religious Cases for Gay Marriage

Let me begin “sectarianly,” to show how high the scriptural bars can be. We seventy million Lutherans around the world … Continued

Try UK’s Civil Partnerships

In a modern democracy, the State has to have some control over marriage, in that it has taxation and other … Continued

The Preservation of Marriage and Society

As a Christian I believe the Bible, which is unambiguous that sex outside of marriage is a sin. There is … Continued

Marriage Is More Sacred Than Equality

On PBS, with Vermont lawyers, I argued that “gay marriage” is an oxymoron expanding/diluting/polluting the word “marriage,” and that Vermont … Continued

What the U.S. Should and Should Not Do

This is a very important question and I wish to be very specific in my answer. In preparation for writing … Continued

I Have Changed My Mind

I not only could change my mind, I have. There was a time, a long time, when I did not … Continued