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Malala Yousafzai Becomes Youngest Nobel Prize Winner

The 95th Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, joined in a common struggle.

Prayerward Facing Dog

How yoga can teach us to pray with our bodies.

Rare Religious Harmony at Risk in the City of Four Cultures

How long can Melilla, Spain live up to its reputation as a city of peacefully coexisting Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Hindus?

Hare Krishna Gets Evangelical

The fringe Hindu faith is rebranding itself in America — with evangelical techniques.

The Quest for Human Unity

Religious diversity shows that we are in truth complementary, not competitive.

How My Book Entered India’s Contest and Conflict Over Hinduism

When publishers in India agreed to stop publishing my book, they helped push the problems of fundamentalist Hinduism to the world stage.

India’s Hindu, Muslim clashes explored in traveling U.S. exhibits

Two major traveling exhibits are offering sobering reflections on religious violence in India.

Memorial Day Reflections

One Hindu-American immigrant says Namaste to all those who have served, are serving and will serve.