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The Surprising Stories Behind Our Christmas Carols

Some carols were born to Christmas, some achieved Christmas, and some had Christmas thrust on them.

A Slightly Merry Crisis Psych Christmas Story

‘Twas the night I had to send a lady into rehab and ring the Salvation Army bell in her place.

Let’s Transform Thanksgiving . . . Into Stranger Day

Save the comfortable for Christmas. Take a risk this Thanksgiving. 

When a Conversion Separates a Family

An interfaith family struggles to maintain separate, authentic faiths, and mutual appreciation.

7 Ways to Talk to Your Family Atheist

These suggestions can help improve family relations, especially at holiday gatherings.

How Not to Lose Your Soul Over the Holidays

These 8 tips will help preserve your soul in the midst of the holiday madness.

20 Christmas Songs That Are Better Than the Ones You’re Listening To

Tired of hearing the same old Christmas songs each season? Give these renditions a listen.

Christmas in America: Belief in Virgin Birth of Jesus

Many Americans hold a belief in the virgin birth of Christ.

My Resolution: Shine More, Bleed Less

After 48 hours of having the kids home for the holidays, I’d had enough. So we stopped and read.