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Life and death on Heartbreak Hill

On Monday I sat down in a hotel room two blocks from where the explosion occurred at the end of … Continued

Unnatural disasters

Natural disasters can bring out people’s best. As Hurricane Sandy roared across the Northeast, people joined together to pile sandbags; … Continued

Religious violence is all too real

TAUSEEF MUSTAFA AFP/GETTY IMAGES Kashmiri Muslims shout slogans during a demonstration against the controversial film “Innocence of Muslims” in Srinagar … Continued

Does nuclear power usurp the power of God?

The world is responding to the horrible devastation from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with compassion and offers of … Continued

Comedy saves America: the Stewart and Colbert rallies

For many years, a wonderful seminary colleague of mine taught a class called “Humor as Healing and Grace.” Humor is … Continued

Liberation Theology for beginners

Gustavo Gutierrez, widely considered the “father” of liberation theology, once gave this short introducton to liberation theology to a very … Continued

A Sympathetic Ear

“Sympathy is a state in which a person is open to the presence of another person…In prophetic sympathy, man…carries within … Continued

Ads can’t change real meaning of Christmas

Q: What do you think of the American Humanist Association’s new “Godless Holiday” campaign? The ads will say: “No God? … Continued

Thou Shall Not

How should we confront evil? A gallery of quotes by Gandhi currently on Beliefnet offers a teaching in response to … Continued

A Convenient Love

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

The Human Cost of Hatred

By Victoria BarnettDirector, Church Relations, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Those of us who work at the United States Holocaust … Continued

Faith-Based Diplomacy

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall How can the United States harness the extraordinary organizational capacity of global religions and … Continued

Religious or Spiritual?

Volumes have been written about the meaning of “religion” and “spirituality:” In Barack Obama’s campaign both are clearly at work. … Continued

Can Family Therapy Work for Nations?

To reconcile with one’s enemies, and end the cycle of long-term hatred, has been an elusive, nearly unachievable, goal for … Continued

War Can Kill the Body, but Torture Destroys the Soul

“Accomplices? Addresses? Meeting places? You hardly hear it. All your life is gathered in a single, limited area of the … Continued

The Theodicy Problem: No Problem for An Atheist

This question is really the only question for anyone who believes in God (loving or otherwise), and its unanswerability is … Continued

Enough of Heaven and Hell

Oh, for heaven’s sake. This question irritates the…inferno out of me. Of all the pointless, utterly childish notions associated with … Continued