Human Frailty

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Drone policy can be moral policy

Reuters photo In a recent contribution for On Faith, former Chicago Theological Seminary President Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite denounced U.S. drone … Continued

Alanis Morissette struck the right note in Israel

Alanis Morissette, the Canadian American pop singer, is an unlikely ambassador to the Middle East, but in some ways, she … Continued

Episcopal churches: Short on politics, sexuality debates and long on Jesus

AP Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde, Washington’s first female and ninth Episcopal Bishop, smiles during her consecration service at the Washington … Continued

Why the world needs faith

There will be no peace in our world without an understanding of the place of religion within it. The past … Continued

Peace, love & Lennon

In an age when heroes are routinely deconstructed and where human frailty is celebrated with more vigor than virtue, it’s … Continued

Ramadan, translated

Ramadan is not only the beginning of a month-long fast but of a special spiritual cycle of months within which … Continued

The priesthood’s dark valley

Last Friday, at the liturgy marking the end of “The Year of the Priest,” Pope Benedict XVI once again addressed … Continued

The heart is deceitful above all things

Q: In a statement Monday, Vice President Biden said the U.S. is consulting with other nations “on new ways to … Continued

Children before doctrine

Q:Should Pope Benedict XVI be held responsible for the escalating scandals over clerical sexual abuse in Europe? Should he be … Continued

Baby Jesus was uninsured

The scriptures record that Mary gave birth to Jesus, God incarnate, in a stable. There were shepherds and sheep, but … Continued

The Compassion Boom

By Edward GrinnanEditor-in-Chief of Guideposts I first noticed the creeping fear about a year ago, in late summer, around the … Continued

Obama’s Stem Cell Temptations

President Obama is set to repeal the Bush administration’s decision to restrict funding of embryonic stem cell research. In their … Continued

Cain and Abel’s Mortgage Company

“Am I my brother’s keeper?” This question is hardly an inspirational moment in scripture, as the words are snapped out … Continued

Public Sins and Private Sins

The Qur’an is quite clear that engaging in consensual sexual relations outside of marriage is a grave sin. That, however, … Continued