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Founders’ view of prayer should prevail at Supreme Court

The Founding Fathers found a common ground in prayer that should still guide us today.

A Catholic Guide to Love, Benedict XVI style

Domenico Stinellis AP FILE – This April 19, 2005 file photo shows Pope Benedict XVI greeting the crowd from the … Continued

Evangelical Catholics on offense

STEFANO RELLANDINI REUTERS Pope Benedict XVI waves to faithful from his ‘Popemobile’ upon his arrival to conduct an open-air mass … Continued

Is religion dying –or reinventing?

For decades, Americans have been turning toward spirituality as a protest vote against conventional religion. In the last dozen years, … Continued

Keep doctors practicing medicine

The U.S. House of Representatives voted last week to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions, along with … Continued

May your Christmas be Catholic and gay

The repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) provision for the U.S. armed forces was welcomed by a majority … Continued

We are the Tea Party

Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell this weekend attended the annual conservative Values Voters summit in Washington, DC. There, she … Continued

Out of many one

Q: What is the obligation of a Western, democratic government to protect individual freedoms in light of a realistic terrorist … Continued

Birth control and human ecology

Unorthodoxy By Patrick J. Deneen In a recent edition of Georgetown’s student newspaper, the Hoya, a graduate student in my … Continued

Just as easy (and hard) to be good (and bad) without God

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

The Happiness Revolution

By Howard C. Cutlerpsychiatrist, author A piece on the subject of compassion would seem to be a natural fit for … Continued

Waiting for King Jesus

God is not a Republican or a Democrat. In fact, I am quite sure He is a monarchist and so … Continued

Why We Hate Us

Athletes have an inelegant term for the fans, reporters, owners and managers who like to hang around them. They call … Continued

The Undead World Of Supernatural Junk Thought

There is absolutely no difference between supernatural beliefs in such ancient systems of junk thought as astrology and supernatural beliefs … Continued

Religious Divides and Obama’s Promise

Dear Senator Obama: I stayed up Tuesday to watch you celebrate your victory as the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee. … Continued

“I Love This Poor Earth, For I Have Not Seen Another”

I take this question as a welcome opportunity to fall silent and fall back on the words of those who … Continued