Hurricane Katrina

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Journey into America

By Eboo Patel and Samantha Kirby “I had set out to learn about Islam in America. But I found I … Continued

If You Think The Culture Wars Are Over, Think Again

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

Generosity in a Time of Scarcity

By Katharine HendersonAuburn Theological Seminary President After hearing about Hurricane Katrina, a small group of woman from Uganda raised almost … Continued

St. Joseph’s Day

Today’s guest blogger is Erik Schwarz, founder of Interfaith Works, a nonprofit based in New Orleans, Louisiana, that partners with … Continued

Define “Responsible”

What’s irresponsible? Am I ‘responsible’ because we bought our home in 1985 when prices were still somewhat within the bounds … Continued

Fasting During Football Season

Ohio State senior defensive tackle Nader Abdallah, the son of Palestinian immigrants, was raised a Muslim and began fasting for … Continued

Palin Should Address Disturbing Religious Connections

Forty-eight years ago this week, John F. Kennedy appeared before the Houston Ministerial Association and a national television audience to … Continued

After Katrina, a New Vision for Health Care

The morning before Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, my youngest son Jeff and I packed our … Continued

Take the Money, Brett Favre

Brett Favre has never been one of those Christian athletes who point to the heavens every time they make a … Continued

Alone in God’s Emergency Room

As a lifelong churchgoer, now 58 years old, I’ve been through this before: the gut-wrenching sensation one gets from the … Continued

No God(s)ess(es) required.

Let me try to clear some of the smoke from the On Faith pulpit. I am an atheist because there … Continued

God or Not?

Well, I was confused. I thought atheists didn’t believe in God, period, so the fact that some self-proclaimed atheists pray … Continued

McCain’s Incendiary Supporter

The squabble surrounding San Antonio televangelist John Hagee’s endorsement of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain reminds me of why there … Continued

Still Dead: The Ghosts of New Orleans

I have just spent the last few days in New Orleans helping to rebuild a battered women’s shelter that was … Continued

God With Us, Not Working Against Us

The question raises the very essence of the nature of God. The belief that God is the causal agent in … Continued

Disaster Brings Out Best in Religion

When tragedy strikes, many look to religion to help understand what has occurred and why. The religious community offers comfort … Continued

A Love that Continues

I spent the better part of last week in Blacksburg, Virginia on the campus of Virginia Tech University. The atmosphere … Continued

Concern For Environment Is Believers’ Religious Obligation

Any normal, thinking human being would be concerned about what is happening to our environment. Christians have an additional reason. … Continued