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N.Y. bomb plot: What radicalizes some converts to Islam?

View Photo Gallery: Jose Pimentel of Manhattan is being held in police custody on numerous terrorism-related charges. The case of Jose … Continued

Peter King’s Muslim hearings: Trust is the key to our shared security

People attend the “Today, I Am A Muslim, Too” rally in New York City March 6, 2011. The rally was … Continued

Do religious institutions need pro-woman quotas?

By Michael Vicente Perez and Zeba Iqbal, contributors to Zeba: Hi Michael! Happy 2011! Did you see news this … Continued

Virginia imam picked to lead major Muslim-American group

By Michelle Boorstein A D.C.-area imam has been elected to head the continent’s largest Muslim-American organization, the Islamic Society of … Continued

The President’s faith council meets

I told a friend that I was off to DC this week for the third meeting of the President’s Faith … Continued

A Global Agenda for Change in Muslim-Christian Relations

The just-completed Georgetown’s Common Word conference, Oct. 7-8, occurs at a time when the need for serious engagement and cooperation … Continued

Across the Baptist-Muslim Divide

Distance is shrinking between Baptist and Muslim leaders in America–faster than rank-and-file members realize. On a recent Saturday morning in … Continued

Obama’s Bid to Reverse the Clash

By Akbar AhmedIslamic Studies professor, American University President Obama delivered a major speech Thursday calling for “A New Beginning” for … Continued

Obama’s Patchwork Heritage and Worldview

Harvard professor Howard Gardner says that leaders do two important things: tell a powerful story to their audience, and embody … Continued

Obama Reaches Out to the Muslim World

I ran into Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, one of American’s Islam’s foremost scholars, at the Presidential Prayer Service on Wednesday. His … Continued

Who’s Praying for Obama?

There is a remarkably diverse group of people praying for President-elect Obama around his inauguration. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, the … Continued

Amen Chorus at the DNC

The Democrats who came to worship at the first-ever interfaith gathering on the eve of their national convention were not … Continued

The Muslim-Jewish Tipping Point

“Nobody believes you guys actually exist,” I said to the group I was eating dinner with. I was sitting with … Continued

Interfaith? How about INTRAfaith?

At the end of this past school year, the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown held … Continued

Obama and the Muslims

For a minute, I thought I was reading the script for a late-night cable B movie. Aliens abduct a brilliant, … Continued

My Islam: Freedom and Responsibility

Muslims in America today seem to have lost the right to be individuals. We are treated as a collectivity – … Continued

Assimilation and Women

Esposito directed the next question to Dr. Sherman Jackson, University of Michigan professor and a convert to Islam. Can Muslims … Continued

Want to Come to the Discussion on Islam?

Join us at 4 p.m. today at Georgetown/On Faith’s symposium on “What it Means to be Muslim in America. The … Continued

Got Questions? We’ll Try to Get Answers

What does it mean to be Muslim in America? Is the answer political? Social? Cultural? Spiritual? On Faith is going … Continued

Lisa Miller’s Book List

–“American Islam: The Struggle for the Soul of a Religion” by Paul M. Barrett. –“Islam: Past, Present and Future” by … Continued