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How will Pope Francis ‘avoid breaking under the strain’?

“In the Curia, I would die.” Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires said this eight years ago, after the … Continued

Guest Voices: 50 years after Vatican II, should Pope John XXIII be a saint?

Fifty years after Pope John XXIII convened the Second Vatican Council that revolutionized the Catholic Church, will the jolly man … Continued

The trinity and the nearness of God

If there is one comment I’ve heard more than any other in talking to people about their faith, it’s something … Continued

Are happy churchgoers good news?

By Adam S. McHughPresbyterian Minster and Patheos Expert A new sociological study reveals that churchgoers are happy, but I can’t … Continued

Introverts in evangelical America

By Adam S. McHugh The scowling old man nearly bumped into me as he fled the sanctuary. As I turned … Continued

House of prayer near Ground Zero? Yes!

Padraic O’Hare A mosque – like a church or a synagogue or an ashram – is a house of prayer. … Continued

A Sympathetic Ear

“Sympathy is a state in which a person is open to the presence of another person…In prophetic sympathy, man…carries within … Continued

The shame-a-thon must end

By Jeff Brownauthor Lately, I have been having conversations with people who have read Soulshaping. The theme that emerges most … Continued

Ramadan’s Spiritual Discipline

By Mike Ghousefounder, World Muslim Conference From the moment we are born to the last rites of our life and … Continued

The Private Affair of Mark Sanford

JUST LAW AND RELIGION by Michael Kessler “I’ve let down a lot of people, that’s the bottom line,” declared South … Continued

Shavuot: Better to Give than Receive

WEEKLY JEWISH WISDOM By Dr. Erica Brown “The giving of the Torah was on Shavuot; the receiving must take place … Continued

Why the God Delusion Won’t Go Away

A Baltimore mother accused of joining a cult and starving her child says she was acting on her religious beliefs. … Continued

World Leaders and Interfaith Cooperation

It was striking to hear the similarities in the speeches that Tony Blair and Barack Obama gave at the National … Continued

A Revolutionary Resolution

The reason so many new year’s resolutions fail is that they focus on behaviors. That’s understandable. Dieters want to lose … Continued

God’s Gift of a Dream Life

Nowadays when the word “dream” comes up, we mostly mean an aspiration, the American dream. Recently at the Democratic convention, … Continued

New Atheists, Old Realities

As far as I can see, the New Atheists have been slowly executing a strategic retreat. Many seem to admit … Continued

Prince Caspian: Allegations of Allegory

When I go home to Boston to see my family, I look forward to two delights that I just can’t … Continued

Yoga Challenge for the Pope

Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit to the U.S. is sure to provoke unfavorable comparisons to his more charismatic predecessor, John Paul … Continued

About ‘Religion From the Heart’

Today’s discussions about religion tend to leave everyone exhausted and discouraged. People debate about the existence of God, about the … Continued

Road to Sainthood Paved with Good Publicity

Since I never had a high opinion of Mother Teresa in the first place, this shameless publicity ploy to foster … Continued