Innocent Human Life

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The ethics of a Syrian military intervention: The experts respond

WASHINGTON — As the Obama administration readies for a probable military strike against Syria, Religion News Service asked a panel of … Continued

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act: One baby step for humanity

Antiabortion activists march during the annual March for Life rally in Washington. The march coincides with Supreme Court’s landmark Roe … Continued

Kermit Gosnell and the abortion movement: In defense of the defenseless

Sarah L. Voisin / The Washington Post As abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial is in the hands of the jury, … Continued

Why we march for life

An unborn baby’s heart begins beating 18 days after conception – a tiny heartbeat, a human heartbeat, and a vulnerable … Continued

The ‘seamless garment’ on the campaign trail: Does the death penalty violate pro-life values?

Catholicism includes opposition to the death penalty as part of its pro-life agenda. The late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin called it … Continued

Religious leaders must safeguard life

2011 began with some bleak news for Muslim-Christian relations around the world.Recent attacks against churches in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt … Continued

Catholics’ disregard of teaching does not make it untrue

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with spiritual consequences. The … Continued

Why I support universal health care

No human created in God’s image should be denied basic health care. Money is not worth more than human life … Continued

Why is Bill Donohue angry … again?

By John GehringCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good Just in time for Halloween, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League … Continued

A Wicked Deed in Wichita – A Test for the Pro-Life Movement

The cold-blooded murder of Dr. George Tiller on Sunday morning presents the pro-life movement in America with a crucial moral … Continued

“Faithful Citizenship” — What the Catholic Bishops Say

The Catholic bishops in the United States do not, of course, endorse particular political candidates. But they have outlined important … Continued

Don’t Panic, But Do Mind Your Own Business!

In this crisis, most of us should resolutely mind our own business, act charitably toward neighbors in need, comfort the … Continued

Advance Liberty, Overturn Roe

Every aborted baby looks alike, but every child allowed to live becomes absolutely unique. Abortion crushes liberty for the sake … Continued

Abortion’s Morality and the Candidates

There has been much talk lately about whether the topic of abortion is really all that relevant in an election … Continued

What Evangelicals Want

What are evangelicals looking for in a presidential candidate this year? In my experience, most evangelicals, like most Americans, want … Continued

Jihad Means Struggle

In the last several years I have been working in both Muslim-Christian and now Muslim-Christian-Jewish dialogue on issues of war … Continued