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Clerics say Millennium Development Goals must be reached

LONDON — With fewer than 1,000 days left to meet the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, religious leaders from the … Continued

Is Kurdistan an Iraqi success story?

The 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq war this week is a fitting occasion to consider the current … Continued

Negotiating change in the Islamic religious establishment

It has been said by many that Egypt is going through difficult and trying times. Today, however, I would like … Continued

Forgotten crisis: Stateless in Bangladesh

As the rich and powerful gathered in Davos last week, a Refugee Run (simulation of life as a refugee) aimed … Continued

In Trinidad and Tobago, youth and faith join hands to fight homophobia

Trinidad and Tobago hardly seems a likely battleground for America’s culture wars. But recent months have seen a drama there … Continued

What banning ‘Shariah law’ means for Oklahoma Muslims

By Nihad Awad Today, no constitution of any state places special burdens on a specific religious tradition. That will change … Continued

It’s time to end this immoral war

Q: In the wake of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal as chief commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, … Continued

Hope for Guinea

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall These are exciting but tense times in the West African nation of Guinea. A … Continued

Glenn Beck’s anti-Catholic rants

Few people are better at making accusations with code words than Glenn Beck, the Fox News celebrity. With his chalkboard … Continued

Exploring the future of Islam

My new book, “The Future of Islam,” seeks to understand the struggle for reform in Islam, sometimes described as a … Continued

Troubled religious freedom commission gets new director

By Michelle Boorstein Will a new executive director help boost the flagging morale at the U.S. Commission on International Religious … Continued

American foreign policy’s God gap

By David Waters American foreign policy is handicapped by a God gap, a narrow, ill-informed and “uncompromising Western secularism” that … Continued

Fight Malaria, Save Children

Imagine waking up tomorrow and reading that 750 children in Washington under the age of four died overnight of the … Continued

Crisis and Opportunity in Darfur

FAITH IN ACTION By Katherine Marshall It’s hard to find any silver linings in the dark gathering clouds in Darfur. … Continued

My Hopes and Concerns for Obama

The Bible commands that “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which … Continued

Catholics Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop on Abortion?

While pro-life marchers brought to Washington DC by Catholic diocesan agencies carried posters depicting President Barack Obama with Hitler’s mustache … Continued

Food, Faith and Frustration

You can’t miss rising food prices if you do the grocery shopping or listen to the radio these days. They … Continued

Early Warning System for Xenophobia

Learning from the Danish cartoon crisis of 2006 and the Sudanese teddy bear debacle of 2007, the Dutch are preparing … Continued

Partners not Antagonists

Catholic teaching holds that there can be no conflict between faith and reason, but history shows us that sometimes scientists … Continued

Flow of Flesh, Reach of Spirit

The West is in a religio-political war not of our choosing. The enemy is not Islam but a violent movement … Continued