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Dispelling the Myth of Iran

The new Iran is full of socially aware young people who welcome Americans.

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The open Internet is crucial for the future of religious life and interfaith action in America.

Ten Reasons the Ten Commandments Are Still Relevant

Can these centuries-old guidelines still speak to our technologically driven lives?

When Internet Authority Trumps Church Authority

The problem with writing whatever you want on the bathroom wall of the Internet.

4 Ways Millennials Are Embracing Traditional Faith

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Rock Star Pastors Lose their Luster

Fans of celebrity pastors have a big question to ask themselves: Who, ultimately, are they following? Jesus or their pastor?

How Active Is Hashtag Activism?

Social media campaigns have created offline change for religious organizations.

Why Does the Web Make My Inner Bigot Come Out?

In person, I can be perfectly polite to people with whom I disagree. Why do I want to treat them with disdain online?

Calling on My Fellow Christians To Move Past Cyber Bullying

People tend to be jerks online. So what can Christians do about it?

Why Are We Losing Our Religion? Because Internet

One study suggests that 25 percent of the decline in religious affiliation since 1990 is linked to increased Internet use.

Internet Hate Speech Can Lead to Acts of Violence

A new report links aggressive online behavior with potential real-world violence.

The Internet Is Not Killing Religion. So What Is?

Why is religion in decline in the modern world? And what can save it?