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5 Things About Prophet Muhammad That Might Surprise You

Did you know the founder of Islam was a social revolutionary who championed women’s rights?

Why Anti-Islam Rallies Are Dangerous

As a Muslim-American, I believe we have a moral imperative to reject extremism and prejudice.

Why Don’t American Protestants Care That Middle Eastern Christians Are Dying?

Liberal Protestants are remaining silent, essentially condoning the actions of ISIS.

True or False: Do You Benefit from Christian Privilege?

Consider this set of true-or-false statements to measure how privileged you are.

Islam is the Latest U.S. Scapegoat

In years to come, we will look back on the current anti-Muslim hysteria and wonder how we could ever have felt this way.

Sikhs Bearing Pizza

Islamophobia and xenophobia pulse through our culture and have a horrible impact upon innocent people.