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An American church in Paris

(LOIC VENANCE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES) Recently The New York Times ran an article about Europe’s ongoing resistance to Christianity and it’s symbols. … Continued

Leaders gather for Congressional Black Caucus prayer breakfast

Hamil R. Harris/ The Washington Post The Rev. Derrick Harkins, director of faith outreach for the Democratic National Committee, Martin … Continued

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. occupied the Bible

The Associated Press The Associated Press In this Aug. 28, 1963 file photo, Dorothy Height, right, National President of the … Continued

Martin Luther King Jr., the preacher

The Associated Press AP The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., speaks in Eutaw, Ala., in this June 1965 photo. … Continued

Serving God and Senate

By David Waters E.W. Jackson, a Virginian who identifies himself as the bishop of a nondemoninational church called Exodus Faith … Continued

We should judge their politics, not their religion

With former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney both believed to be gearing up for a … Continued

What the Most Admired list says about us

By David Waters The 10 men we most admire, according to Gallup, include four U.S. presidents, three world religious leaders, … Continued

Diversity is good; Religious tests for office are not

Q: If Elena Kagan is confirmed to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, the Supreme Court would for the first … Continued

Dr. Benjamin Hooks: ‘A Christian first’

By David Waters The first person Rev. Benjamin Hooks baptized when he became pastor of Greater Middle Baptist Church in … Continued

America’s secular saboteurs

By Bill DonohuePresident, Catholic League There are many ways cultural nihilists are busy trying to sabotage America these days: multiculturalism … Continued

Journey into America

By Eboo Patel and Samantha Kirby “I had set out to learn about Islam in America. But I found I … Continued

Nonbelievers are Believers Too

“Oh, their God,” my friend the historian and poet Jennifer Michael Hecht posted on facebook, “he said Nonbelievers.” President Obama … Continued

Obama and the Old Guard

So which incident best symbolizes the Old Guard’s view of Barack Obama – Jesse Jackson saying he wants to cut … Continued

Something New in the Abortion Debate

After decades of debate over abortion, something new has occurred this year. First, the Democratic Party is now not just … Continued

What’s Wrong with Black Liberation Theology?

When people talk about Jeremiah Wright, they usually mention that his was the church that called itself “Unashamedly black and … Continued

Righteous History

We are people of privilege. I say that because we are living in a moment in history that is almost … Continued

DNR Watch: The Politics of Prayer

Cameron Strang’s decision to opt out of delivering Monday evening’s DNC benediction makes you wonder why he agreed to do … Continued

Saddleback Forum — a Catholic View

As a Catholic priest I found the Civic Forum at Saddleback Church a bit weird. I kept wondering what would … Continued

No Need to Pray for the Obama Campaign

“Well, if that’s the way he runs his campaign, I don’t really know if I want this guy to be … Continued

What Jesse Jackson Really Meant

That one must refrain from expressing a desire to castrate a presidential candidate, especially a candidate whom one claims to … Continued