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Going Into the Dark Places of the Soul

Sometimes God is quieter and more mysterious than we’d prefer; ever and always, though, He is abiding.

What Exactly Was the Star of Bethlehem?

Only one astronomical body matches Matthew’s description of the Star perfectly — a comet.

10 Ways to Survive a Blended Family Christmas

As a divorcee who remarried into a Hindu family, I know all about fighting Christmas anxiety.

Why Church Isn’t Optional for Christians

Here are eight reasons you shouldn’t stay home this Sunday. Or any Sunday.

How I Found God in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley may be known for technology and innovation, but this Baby Boomer found Jesus there.

Who’s Really Demeaning the Bible, Anyway? A Q&A with Rob Bell

The estranged evangelical pastor on his critics, the Bible, and giving Jesus a fresh hearing.

The Mystery of the Manger

Have you ever considered what a strange sign the manger-crib really was?

When Sitting Out Is The Best Thing For Your Soul

Saying “no” is hard, especially to good things. But sometimes it’s what your soul needs.

Who Are You, Really?

Do you know anything of your true, original, shimmering self? Your unusual, individual “thisness”?

Let’s Transform Thanksgiving . . . Into Stranger Day

Save the comfortable for Christmas. Take a risk this Thanksgiving. 

Two Words That Will Change Your Life

Gratitude begets humility which begets God’s grace.

Stories of the Oppressed

May we not cast a shadow of turning — then a wounded world will experience the love of Christ.

Here’s What Jesus Says About Welcoming Refugees

When we don’t welcome the foreigner, Jesus takes it personally.

The Refugee Crisis Is Our Crisis

Let compassion, not fear, color your response to the 60 million refugees worldwide.

Walking in the Darkness with Jesus

There’s a contradiction between the avoidance message we’re fed and the inclusiveness of Jesus.

5 Christian Stereotypes That Need to Go

How can we stop being seen as judgmental, Bible-thumping, hypocrites?

What Starbucks Can Teach Us About Altruism

Who would have imagined that secularism might positively influence altruism?

Why We Shouldn’t Keep Christ in Christmas

We should look to Jesus’ example of humility before we try forcing His message onto the world.

Where Does Your Hope Come From?: A Q&A with Lee Strobel

The bestselling author talks about hope, his former atheism, and his role in “God’s Not Dead 2.”

Why I’m a Pastor Who Stopped Giving Answers

Jesus often answered questions with questions. Maybe we should do the same.