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Our leaders in Washington must protect the needy among us

AP The U.S. Capitol in Washington is seen at dawn on Dec. 12, 2012. Our leaders in Washington and the … Continued

Eliminating workplace discrimination brings us closer to the values of our nation

AP The U.S. Capitol seen in the reflecting pool on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 12, 2010. In June, … Continued

Searching for accountability in the Holocaust Torah scrolls’ scam

I cannot for the life of me decide, with apologies to Shakespeare’s Lafeu in All’s Well That Ends Well, whether … Continued

Obama administration picks a fight with Catholics

The Obama administration has chosen to ignore the First Amendment and add insult to injury for Catholics whose schools, hospitals … Continued

Remembering the Holocaust when the survivors are gone

Yellow Stars of David are displayed in an exhibit at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, ahead of the … Continued

‘Blood libel,’ social sin and Sarah Palin

By Elizabeth Tenety Sarah Palin released a nearly eight-minute video Wednesday morning that says that those who imply she bears … Continued

A Rosh Hashanah resolution for Labor Day: helping workers

By Jeremy Burton This September 8th at sundown Jewish communities around the world will begin our celebration of Rosh Hashanah, … Continued

The Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center and American values

President Obama, after saying that building a mosque at Ground Zero fit our “commitment to religious freedom,” backtracked, saying he … Continued

A glimmer of hope in Israeli-Palestinian dance of death

By Raouf J. Halabyprofessor of English and Art, Ouachita University While co-leading a group of university students in Europe, on … Continued

Jews, Muslims can defeat common enemies

By Imam Mohammad Shamsi Ali and Rabbi Marc Schneier American Jews and Muslims can defeat a common enemy by working … Continued

Everyone matters

“…because these holidays were brought about by Israel’s own deeds, every Jewish soul can be restored through them. Every single … Continued

Netanyahu’s address to Jewish Federations

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly: Thank you all. My dear friends, … Continued

Jewish fundraisers to hear from Netanyahu, Emanuel in DC

By Michelle Boorstein THE event of the professional Jewish community’s year is happening in Washington D.C. today. More than 3,000 … Continued

The Mikveh Mitzvah

By Varda Polak-Sahmphotojournalist, artist, author For the Jewish community, the High Holy Days are a time of personal reflection and … Continued

Changing Our Ways

“When you lift up your hands I will turn my eyes away from you. Though you pray at length, I … Continued

Obama Meets with Jewish Leaders

By William Wan President Obama met with top Jewish leaders in the U.S. this afternoon to assuage them about his … Continued

Faith-Based Coalition Wins In Energy Bill

By Jacqueline L. Salmon After a spirited (pun intended) lobbying effort, a group of faith-based organizations has persuaded House movers … Continued

Muslims Do Speak Out Against Terror

By Imam Mohammad Shamsi Ali and Rabbi Marc Schneier As New York City breathes a sigh of relief after the … Continued

Ancient Accounting Practices

By Stuart WeinblattSenior rabbi of Congregation B’nai Tzedek Unlike most of my sermons I am not going to refer to … Continued

Sarah Palin and the Jews 101

Making sense of the Jewish vote in 2008 is something of an emerging specialization at the University of Faith and … Continued