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Seeking Sikh-Muslim peace

The large Sikh men with long white beards pounded the drums. Sikh men with red, blue, and orange colored turbans … Continued

A (Hindu) Christmas Carol?

“Keep Christ in Christmas!” is the familiar refrain of Christians who fear the secularization of the holy day celebrating the … Continued

Let’s all fast during Ramadan

Today’s guest blogger is Gail Rosseau, MD, is a neurosurgeon from Chicago, Illinois. She and her family are engaged in … Continued

Presbyterian report condemns Israeli policies in Palestinian territories

By David Waters America’s largest Presbyterian denomination is preparing for a contentious General Assembly next month as delegates will be … Continued

A Papal Cry of Pain

The world has heard a papal cry of pain. For me, that is the best way to characterize and understand … Continued

Engaging Holocaust Deniers is Betraying Truth, Friends

I can appreciate Pope Benedict’s desire to heal divisions that have taken place in the past within the Catholic communion. … Continued

Waiting for the Second Coming of Sadat

Today’s guest blogger is Ari Alexander, a co-founder of Children of Abraham, an international organization dedicated to the promotion of … Continued

Compassion a Value All Faiths Share

Religion scholar Karen Armstrong is asking the world to write a Charter for Compassion, based on her premise that compassion … Continued

Friday Night Surprise

Friday night, after services and dinner at Hillel, I went with my friend to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, … Continued

Time to Renounce the Renouncing

The Question: John McCain’s spiritual guide, televangelist Rod Parsley, calls Islam a “false religion” that should be “destroyed.” Should McCain … Continued

On Arun Gandhi

What decent person was not offended by Arun Gandhi’s comments about Jews? He was effectively saying that Judaism had violence … Continued

Four Thousand Years and Counting

For a Christian, I had a partly Jewish upbringing. My father, a civil engineer, worked for a construction company that … Continued

Who Needs Government Observances?

It’s ironic that the season during which many celebrate the coming of the Prince of Peace often comes with a … Continued

Letty Cottin Pogrebin: 50 Top Rabbis

In the April 2 issue of Newsweek, Michael Lynton and his friends rated “The Top Fifty Rabbis in America” according … Continued

Can Prayer Bring Us Together?

One of our closest family friends is a retired professor of law and literature, and an avowedly secular Jew. When … Continued