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What Pew’s Jewish poll reveals about the faithful –and faithless

June 4, 2013A Star of David decorates the ceiling at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.Astrid Riecken / For The … Continued

The Jewish future seen through the eyes of an American statesman

AP American lawyer and IPRC (Immovable Property Review Conference) co-chairman Stuart E. Eizenstat talks to journalists in Prague, on Nov. … Continued

Making meaning out of the holiday season

AP With the White House in the background and the National Christmas Tree at right, people stand for a song … Continued

Shining a light in Odessa

As a child, one of my favorite pleasures each week was going to synagogue with my parents. At the end … Continued

God and the old Brooklyn Dodgers

Morry Gash AP Los Angeles Dodgers’ Rod Barajas scores from second on a hit by Jamey Carroll during the seventh … Continued

Henry Kissinger’s betrayal: a stark contrast with other American Jews in public life

By Menachem Z. Rosensaft There can be no question that the recently released White House recordings by the Nixon Presidential … Continued

Intermarriage not ideal, but is reality

Judaism is unlike other religions in that it is more than just a faith community – it is also a … Continued

A Future Worthy of Our Past: The Jewish Quest for Justice

By Mitchell SilverU Mass–Boston, and Contributor to The days of prophecy are over; neither I nor anybody else knows … Continued

Repairing the world

Nothing is more exciting for me than seeing religious communities practice the command from their tradition to serve others. I … Continued

J Street and the Jewish divide

WATCH Jacques Berlinerblau’s video interview with Hadar Susskind, Director of Policy and Strategy for J Street. FAITH COMPLEX By Jacques … Continued

Jewish Assembly hears White House call for talks with Palestinians

By Michelle Boorstein One of the largest Jewish meetings of the year has wrapped up in Washington, with some 3,000 … Continued

Netanyahu’s address to Jewish Federations

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly: Thank you all. My dear friends, … Continued

Go and Study

“The Torah…is elegant, dramatic, and quakes with the voice of God.” –Alan Dershowitz Alan Dershowitz, professor at Harvard Law School, … Continued

Let Freedom Ring

“You shall proclaim freedom throughout the land to all its inhabitants.” –Leviticus 25:10 Peter Wiernik, and Orthodox editor-in-chief of a … Continued

Headscarves and Skullcaps

This is the first of two stories I will tell in the coming weeks about Muslim headscarves. Both illustrate the … Continued

Tikkun Olam for 2008

Sloshing through Hezekiah’s tunnel near the City of David in Jerusalem brings home what fear and faith can do. The … Continued

Can Religion Help Us Heal From Sexism and Racism? Umm…?

I am not big on arguing whose oppression is the most severe or who is more of a victim than … Continued

The Problem and Potential of Religion

The Question: Which “ism” is more entrenched in America, sexism or racism? Which should religion address? I am not big … Continued

Arguing Identity: Race, Religion and Beyond

Buried in the typical bile on the comment board of my last column is an interesting thread about the nature … Continued

Gandhi’s Words an Insult to all Decent People

Mr. Donald Graham, Chairman, Washington Post Washington, DC . Dear Mr. Graham, We met at your office four years … Continued