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A Jewish-Hindu connection

Not so long ago after nearly 25 years as a hidebound New Yorker I moved to Philadelphia for my wife … Continued

Yom Kippur in Israel: Immense quiet

Oded Balilty AP An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man holds a chicken during the Kaparot ritual, in which it is believed that … Continued

Jews and Muslims: How do we ‘bring the temperature down’?

By Frankie Martin This year has not been an easy one for Jewish-Muslim relations. The Israeli-Palestinian peace process is in … Continued

Gays should be welcomed by our religious institutions

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

Why Jews should support mosque near Ground Zero

By Robert Levine and David Ellenson One of the most beautiful stories to emerge from the devastating attacks of 9/11 … Continued

A blessing and a threat

Chelsea Clinton, raised Methodist, and Marc Mezvinsky, Jewish, will wed this weekend. Statistics show that 37 percent of Americans have … Continued

A glimpse of our interfaith future

Today’s guest blogger is Dan Pawlus, Vice President of Communications for Interfaith Youth Core and co-host of “30 Good Minutes” … Continued

E pluribus unum

Q: Should the White House, whose residents serve all Americans, display a crèche or a menorah or any strictly religious … Continued

Faith in love

I grew up in a secular Jewish home in New Haven, Conn., among WASPs and WASP wannabes. Our unique family … Continued

A Different Kind of Conversation About the Middle East

“Step One is recognizing that this is a difficult dialogue … That’s crucially important… [And] when you realize that it’s … Continued

Atheists: The Last Political Outcasts

Bob Tiernan is an agnostic. “I’m not a hard-core atheist”, he says. He was raised a Catholic and went to … Continued

Denied Entry Into Israel

On the outskirts of Ben Gurion International Airport there is a jail where those who are denied entry into Israel … Continued

Jewish Cowboy (and Packer)

Alan Veingrad spent seven seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman, playing for the Green Bay Packers (1986-90) and … Continued

High Holiday Times at the Syna-Plex

One of my favorite Jewish jokes — and I grew up in New Jersey hearing a lot of them — … Continued

Know-Nothing Nation: Flunking Religion Too

The United States is the most religious nation in the developed world, if religion is measured by churchgoing (or, to … Continued