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Ben-Ami: ‘When it comes to Israel, Jewish Americans are notably moderate in their views’

“When it comes to Israel, Jewish Americans are notably moderate in their views.” Jeremy Ben-Ami, president of J-Street, an Israel … Continued

What is the Jewish vote? And who’s earned it to win the White House?

EPA An ultra-Orthodox Jewish voter, right, and a friend fill out write-in ballots in booths set up in a building … Continued

Why was Obama kvelling about Israel?

REUTERS President Obama speaks as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney listens during the final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Fla. … Continued

Waxman: ‘I think there are some Jewish voters that are voting Republican’

“I think there are some Jewish voters that are voting Republican. They’ve been moving in that direction. And those that … Continued

Romney’s veep nominee: Would a Mormon-Catholic ticket turn blue states red?

Catholics populate the potential VP list for Romney.

New York state of mind: Bush daughter, Catholics support allowing NY same-sex couples to marry

Over the last decade, Republican politicians and the Catholic bishops have been key players leading the charge to ban same-sex … Continued

Florida’s Hurricane Charlie

By David Waters Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has raised some interesting and troubling questions by suggesting publicly that prayer notes … Continued

Jack Kemp: Righteous Gentile

By Stuart Weinblattrabbi Jack Kemp, the former New York congressman who died last week, will be remembered for many things. … Continued

The Pragmatism of America

I watched the Obama victory last night from the perspective of someone who follows Jewish voting patterns. His success at … Continued

Obama’s Victory by the Numbers

The not-very-tightly-knit community of Faith and Values pundits is unevenly divided between Narrative People and Numbers People. The latter perform … Continued

The Disappearing/ Reappearing Catholic Vote

Is there a Catholic vote? To say “Yes,” we need to see a significant number of Catholics vote for one … Continued

Jewish Religious Imaging for Sarah Palin?

Georgetown University had the pleasure yesterday of hosting a variety of scholars, analysts, and activists at a conference devoted to … Continued

America, Re-Emerging Democracy

Next week’s election has me thinking about democracy both at home and abroad. How, I wonder, can the U.S. promote … Continued

The Jewish Vote and the Palin Factor

Yesterday, I made a variety of predictions about the way Evangelicals might vote next week. Today, I turn to Jews. … Continued

Evangelicals on Nov. 4: Four Predictions

One week until Election Day. Time to start making predictions on the basis of the Faith and Values story lines … Continued

Young Florida Jews for McCain?

Next week I am going to post copiously about the 2008 Jewish vote as well as convening a conference and … Continued

Sarah Silverman and the Florida Jews

I have no formal training in comedy but, as Jews are wont to do, I consider myself something of a … Continued

Boca Bubbies for Barack!

Beliefnet has drawn attention to an innovative PR cum merchandising initiative from the Obama campaign. Religious supporters of the Senator … Continued

Sarah Palin and the Jews 101

Making sense of the Jewish vote in 2008 is something of an emerging specialization at the University of Faith and … Continued

How McCain Can Close the God Gap

In the 72 hours since I laid out the first 5 of 12 steps that could help rejuvenate John McCain’s … Continued