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Obama’s Next Church

“My — again what I want to do in church is I want to be able to take Michelle and … Continued

McCain’s Failed Spiritual Endorsements

Why? Why, I ask, did John McCain disarticulate his presidential campaign from Pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley last week? … Continued

Hillary’s Amazing Grace with Religious Voters

Much has been said over the past few weeks about the fatal, tactical missteps made by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. These … Continued

Wright Shows He’s No Politician

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a man of many faces. He’s an old-school 70’s leftie, a man who preached every … Continued

Obama’s Catholic Crisis: The Spin Doctors Speak

As with most analysts who cover the 2008 election I receive my share of spin-related e-mails (referred to from here … Continued


Admit it, Secular America. If Mike Huckabee had said something like this on the campaign trail you’d be locking and … Continued

The Rise of Devalued Voters

It’s official. Even though James Dobson explicitly denied it last month, we can now say with certainty: Conservative Christian America … Continued

Will New Yorkers Split Jewish Vote in ’08?

Pandering to a religious constituency in a presidential election has its ups and downs. The ups: The fundraisers where the … Continued