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Hey Religious Leaders, Maybe Twitter Isn’t a Great Place to Pontificate

For many thought leaders, Twitter is not a good look.

First Ever Papal High Five in Pope Francis’s Meeting with Televangelicals

Pope Francis recently met with Texas televangelists Kenneth Copeland and James Robison for three hours, within weeks after meeting with televangelist Joel Osteen.

Uganda, AIDS, God and gays: Rick Warren and a punch in the nose

AP Filipinos release into the air paper lanterns to mark World AIDS Day on Dec. 1, 2012 at the Heroes … Continued

‘A nation of Osteens and Obamas’

Bill O’Leary WASHINGTON POST Evangelist Joel Osteen brings his revival show to Nationals Park on April, 29, 2012 in Washington, … Continued

Joel Osteen on Mitt Romney: Mormons are ‘brothers in Christ’

“When I hear Mitt Romney say that he believes that Jesus is the Son of God–that he’s the Christ, raised … Continued

Debunking Kirk Cameron’s Christianity

Since, I was too old to obsess over Mike Seaver, I never got caught up in the whole Kirk Cameron … Continued

Joel Osteen: Loving the sinner, not the sin

When Oprah Winfrey questioned megachurch pastor and best-selling author Joel Osteen on the topic of “homosexuality,” he stated that “homosexuality … Continued

Joel Osteen on 9/11: ‘Faith is about trusting God when you have unanswered questions’

A Q and A between On Faith’s Sally Quinn and Joel Osteen, the bestelling Christian author and pastor of Lakewood … Continued

Organized religion is big business

By Martha Woodroof The Washington National Cathedral, photographed by Jonathan Newton– The Washington Post It’s the economy, stupid . . … Continued

Joel Osteen: ‘Homosexuality is a sin’

By Elizabeth Tenety Known for his focus on uplifting Christian messages and ability to stay away from controversial social and … Continued

Seeing Through the Crystal Cathedral

By Karen Spears ZachariasAuthor; blogger, Joel Osteen better pay attention before he ends up in the same ugly mess … Continued

Haiti and the 3 mistakes of modern faith

Q: Many have criticized Pat Robertson’s suggestion that the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti was the work of the devil or … Continued

Don’t Mess With God or Texas

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

Jesus and His App-ostles

History’s greatest evangelical tools: 1. The Apostle Paul’s feet (and pen). 2. Gutenberg’s printing press 3. Billy Graham’s voice 4. … Continued

The Osteens as Spiritual Midgets

In her new book, “Love Your Life,” Victoria Osteen tells the following story. When she and her husband, Joel, were … Continued

Divine Impulses: Joel and Victoria Osteen

As co-pastors of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Joel and Victoria Osteen preside over the largest church in the United … Continued

God’s Problem and Ours

Bart Ehrman, Biblical scholar at the University of North Carolina and former evangelical Christian explains in his new book “God’s … Continued

Television Personality Looks Anew At Religion

When Barbara Walters decided to do a special on God last year, she had never done a piece about religion … Continued