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The Redemption of Shawn Michaels

A Q&A with the WWE Hall of Famer on his rise, fall, return — and new memoir.

In Syria, some see a sign of the End Times

A Free Syrian Army fighter runs after a Syrian Army tank shell exploded in the Salah al- Din neighbourhood of … Continued

Rick Perry: ‘As a Christian . . . I stand with Israel’

Mary Altaffer AP The Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate spoke in New York on Tuesday during a press conference … Continued

No Room for Zealots?

In 2008, during his campaign, President Obama’s affiliation with certain religious leadership was put into question. Namely, that of Jeremiah … Continued

Faith in 2012

With no clear frontrunner for 2012, Republicans candidates have been tasked with unraveling a political Gordian Knot: winning both social … Continued

U.S. Christians meet with Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu

Last week, a coalition from Christians United for Israel, Texas Pastor John Hagee’s pro-Israel advocacy group, met with Israeli Prime … Continued

Pulpit fiction

By David Waters Dozens of defiant Christian ministers across the country defied IRS warnings and turned their sermons into partisan … Continued

Beck vs. King

Some may call it rich, but I’m happy if Glenn Beck wants to spread the message of Martin Luther King … Continued

Glenn Beck’s generic God

Fox News host Glenn Beck muddled biblical references with fragments of American history, recreating a pottage of civil religion that … Continued

Beck sets religious tone for ‘Restoring Honor’ rally

By Elizabeth Tenety Glenn Beck kicked off his ‘Restoring Honor’ weekend Friday night with an event at the Kennedy Center … Continued

Elie Wiesel Speaks at John Hagee Event

By Michelle Boorstein John McCain had to distance himself from controversial Texas megapastor John Hagee, but Holocaust survivor and Nobel … Continued

Hating the Hate Crimes Bill

By David Waters A hate crimes bill has passed the House and is expected to pass the Senate as early … Continued

My Hopes and Concerns for Obama

The Bible commands that “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which … Continued

Compassion a Value All Faiths Share

Religion scholar Karen Armstrong is asking the world to write a Charter for Compassion, based on her premise that compassion … Continued

Obama, McCain, Palin and Religious (In)Tolerance

Ignorance and intolerance of the faiths or lack of faith of others is a huge problem in a world where … Continued

Are Catholics Christians?

While walking from St. Luke’s the other day, some out-of-staters pulled up in their car and asked excitedly, “Where is … Continued

Why They Pander to Christian Voters

Now that Sarah Palin’s nomination has turned America into one big Jerry Springer show, it’s time for Christians (yes, that … Continued

McCain’s Conversion: Political or Spiritual?

Barack Obama’s religious affiliation has received a lot of attention, but while he may have benefited politically for a time … Continued

The Year of the Religious Moderate

From Rick Warren’s Saddleback Forum, to Jeremiah Wright, John Hagee and Rod Parsley, 2008 represents for faith in the American … Continued

The Purpose-Driven Presidency

Is Rick Warren the answer to Barack Obama’s religion problem? Or to John McCain’s? We may find out Saturday, when … Continued