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10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Heaven

Who will be there? Are near-death experiences reliable? And more on eternal life.

A Pope for People of All Faiths

Top faith leaders reflect on lasting impressions from Pope Francis’ recent visit to America.

We Urgently Need to Come Together on Climate Change

Influential faith leaders join the pope in calling on all people to care for creation.

5 Unexpected Lessons From a Bible Story I Hate

The rape in Judges 19 is terrible, but it also shows us how God sees sexual abuse.

7 Stages of White Identity

How I evolved from being ignorant of my white identity to using it to extend the kingdom of God.

The Dilemma of the Fourth of July

The roots of America’s systemic racism are printed in many of our founding documents.

4 Biblical Truths That Respond to Hatred

We desperately need public compassion in the wake of senseless tragedy.

Can You Really Use Facebook to Achieve Justice?

How I used “whitemail” on Facebook to get my parishioner the recompense she deserved.

How Faith Leaders Are Tweeting #BaltimoreRiots

10 representative Tweets on the Baltimore riots from nationwide Christian leaders.

5 Ways to Move from a Charity Mindset toward Justice Work

A pattern of charity belief and behavior fuels the self-segregation of our society by race and class.

Photos: Activists Hold Mass at the Barrier Blocking Bethlehem

See the ongoing vigil at the Israeli separation barrier that threatens to cut off a West Bank Catholic community.

Why Christians Should Pay Attention to the Torture Report

Three ways forward for Christian communities.

Why I Started Advent in a “Black Lives Matter” Shirt

If all lives, black lives included, matter to Jesus, I want them to matter to me.

How to End the Polarization of Immigration

Three steps that will bring us closer to ushering in justice for undocumented immigrants.

At Church Rally, Community Pours Out Support for Michael Brown’s Family

The Rev. Al Sharpton said the Michael Brown case would mark a defining moment in civil rights history.

Creation Is in Crisis. What Are We Going to Do About it?

How Christians respond to climate change reflects how they love God’s world.

How the Bible Understands Justice

The God of the Bible is a God who puts the world to rights. That’s what the Bible calls us to do, too.

How Passover Makes the Impossible Possible

When we place ourselves within the story, we can imagine new realities.

Equal justice for heroin deaths

Drug dealers associated with Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death have already been arrested. When will my late son’s dealer see justice?

Forgiving My Daughter’s Killer

People shouldn’t be declared worthless due to crimes committed in their youth.