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The Mystery of the Manger

Have you ever considered what a strange sign the manger-crib really was?

Who Are You, Really?

Do you know anything of your true, original, shimmering self? Your unusual, individual “thisness”?

5 Things Christians Pretend Jesus Said

We need to get rid of these manmade sayings that we try to attribute to Jesus.

Christianity Is a Battleship, Not a Cruise Ship

Too many complacent Christians need to turn to prayer to win the spiritual warfare battle.

My Kingdom Come Or Thy Kingdom Come?

My measure of success shifted from the size of our church to reaching the city.

Why Your Church Needs to Listen to the Culture

The next Christian witness will look more like the “unchurched” than the “churched.”

How a Rabbi Made Me a Better Christian

I learned more about being Christ-like from a Rabbi than any Christian I know.

Where Do Women Belong in God’s Kingdom?

A prayerbook reflection on what the true king of the world means for our views of powerful men and adoring women.