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Ted Haggard: From scandal, to ministry, to ‘Wife Swap’

An appearance on ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap show is not the Ed Andrieski AP Ted Haggard and his wife Gayle … Continued

The God Vote: Imam Feisal Rauf

By Sam Dinger WATCH: “The core principles of Sharia are analogous to the core principles of the Constitution,” says the … Continued

Rethinking Elizabeth Edwards

From the first moment I saw her, all I could think about was that Elizabeth Edwards had lost a child. … Continued

Marriage will decline until “we” overtakes “I”

A new survey out this week from the National Marriage Project shows that marriage is an institution in decline in … Continued

Atheism and the Tea Party

What is the Tea Party? Is it “a recession-era version of the religious right? ” Is it something else? And … Continued

National security does not “hinge” on mosque

On September 11th, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker for an event hosted by Unity Productions Foundation, … Continued

For Presbyterians, a new leader and more controversy

By William Wan Some news over the weekend coming out of the Presbyterian conference meeting in Minneapolis: they’ve chosen a … Continued


I am sitting here looking at an invitation I just got in the mail. It is from the American News … Continued

Dr. Chopra: Honor thy heritage

Deepak Chopra’s rejoinder to my column on the appropriation of yoga presents a veritable feast of delicious irony. Indeed, Chopra … Continued

Hume was right and proper

Q: Is there widespread media bias against Christianity? Against evangelicals such as Brit Hume and Sarah Palin? Against public figures … Continued

Religion is not the problem, but it can help ease the pain

Q: What is the proper role of religion — and personal religious belief — in the U.S. armed forces? Should … Continued

Warren’s Varnished Pulpit

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The Rick Warren did-he-or-didn’t-he-support-Proposition-8 flap just won’t go away. Warren abruptly canceled a scheduled interview with … Continued

Limbaugh’s Unrighteous Hold on Christian Right

By Robert ParhamExecutive Director, Baptist Center for Ethics Rush Limbaugh told what he thought was a joke to a cheering … Continued

Atheists: The Last Political Outcasts

Bob Tiernan is an agnostic. “I’m not a hard-core atheist”, he says. He was raised a Catholic and went to … Continued

Cartoon Religion and the Real Obama

Senator Obama’s appearance on Larry King Live last night may finally put an end to the ructions caused by The … Continued

Pope Benedict and the Mystery of Two Worlds

The Question: What can Pope Benedict XVI say and do to repair the growing rifts between the Vatican, the clergy … Continued

Time to Renounce the Renouncing

The Question: John McCain’s spiritual guide, televangelist Rod Parsley, calls Islam a “false religion” that should be “destroyed.” Should McCain … Continued

How to Bury a Prophet

The Latter-day Saints buried their prophet on Saturday. Thousands attended the service in person and millions more faithful watched in … Continued

Hinckley’s Life and the Romney Campaign

Gordon B. Hinckley died Sunday at the age of 97. He spent nearly a half-century leading the Church of Jesus … Continued

Road to Hell Bulldozed with Good Intentions

When the U.S. decided to pre-emptively attack Iraq, Arab League Secretary-General Amr Musa predicted that the invasion would “open the … Continued