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Heat poses challenge to Muslims fasting during Ramadan

SALT LAKE CITY — Every day. For a month. From sunup to sundown. No food. No water. No sweat? No, … Continued

Yogathon: stretching bodies, stretching minds across America

By Dipka Bhambhani One small yoga stretch in Washington became one large Yogathon across America. While society seems largely secular … Continued

How do nonbelievers cope with death?

By Rabbi Michael Goldberg “I’m spiritual but not religious. So what happens when I die?” A hospice patient of mine … Continued

Life (and faith) after Death Row

By Wilbert Rideau People come to faith by many paths. Some people see in the beauty of a rainbow or … Continued

Animal rights and human wrongs

Q: Expensive and time-consuming efforts are being made to rescue and rehabilitate animals threatened by the Gulf oil spill. Do … Continued

The wonder of religion

By Sam Keen author, editor Religion is under attack by a new breed of militant atheists such as Christopher Hitchens, … Continued

Pluralism isn’t a modern invention

By Mark Vernonauthor, researcher We live in a plural world. It’s a place in which every day you rub up … Continued

Witnesses, blood and spiritual complications

By Joel P. Engardiowriter, documentary filmmaker Blood transfusions and Jehovah’s Witnesses make dramatic stories. Life and death determined by religious … Continued

Avatar’s ecological and political faith

I urge that multi-religious groups together see and discuss the new film Avatar this month; learn with me by teleconference … Continued

Benedict the Radical

UNORTHODOXY By Patrick J. Deneen Recent commentary on Pope Benedict XVI’s invitation to Anglicans to enter the Catholic fold has … Continued

Bored in Worship? No Wonder

The poet Dylan Thomas once wrote, “Something is boring me. I think it’s me.” This humbling confession gets to the … Continued

Why Fear FOCA?

From the pulpit, our pastor read our bishop’s statement calling for an all-out effort to keep the Freedom of Choice … Continued

Sex, Forgiveness and Politicians

I’ve been listening to the news for the past few days as Edwards’ affair is chewed over endlessly, asking myself … Continued

The Mystery of Sex

Having the sex talk is one of the most important parts of adolescence. Sadly, many political leaders have lost credibility in the conversation.

Consider Both Halloweens

Perhaps our thinking about Halloween would be clearer if we recognized that there are really two Halloweens. There’s the Pagan … Continued

Serving God or Servitude to Man?

People can look up for themselves what various dictionaries and other “definers” say constitute a cult, but generally a cult … Continued

Faith and Beliefs

Mercy and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Psalm 86:10 The few words of this … Continued

Goddess Tradition Sees Sexuality as Sacred

In the Goddess traditions, we see sexuality as sacred because we see the Goddess as immanent—embodied—in the world, as the … Continued

Prayer, Above All, Is Listening

Prayer is a lot of things we don’t think of at first. If a picture of someone kneeling in church … Continued

Some Basic Definitions

Because Pagan and Wiccan spiritual traditions are unfamiliar to many people or misunderstood, I’m going to post here some basic … Continued