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A Jewish-Hindu connection

Not so long ago after nearly 25 years as a hidebound New Yorker I moved to Philadelphia for my wife … Continued

Israel, Palestine must take the high road to reach a successful recovery

AFP/GETTY IMAGES Palestinians wave their national flag and a picture of Palestinian president Mahmoudd Abbas while they celebrate the upgraded … Continued

Mormons help storm-damaged N.Y. community

AP An New York Police Department van drives along a street soaked with rain and covered with debris in a … Continued

Notre Dame among Catholic organizations suing over HHS birth control regulations: Read full list

Pablo Martinez Monsivais AP President Barack Obama, accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announces the revamp of … Continued

On campus, a move to end religious holidays

Every year it’s the same story: Another person, group, or institution attacks the observance of religious holidays in the name … Continued

Baby love

It’s no mere coincidence a baby features centrally in both the Christian and Hindu mythologies. Our family deity is baby … Continued

Why we march for life

An unborn baby’s heart begins beating 18 days after conception – a tiny heartbeat, a human heartbeat, and a vulnerable … Continued

Tim Tebow and the second coming

There are a lot of fans out there who believe that Tim Tebow may be the Second Coming of Jesus … Continued

Details still sketchy about planned Capitol Hill hearing on U.S. Muslim radicals

By Michelle Boorstein For years, Congressman Peter King’s rhetoric has provoked anger among Muslims in his district. Marvin Joseph / … Continued

Thanksgiving en Suisse: Does love for family mean letting go?

By Kavita Ramdya The term “sibling rivalry” exists for a reason; it is a phenomenon that has plagued many families, … Continued

Praying for Hitchens as an act of love

By Patrick Archbold As the father of five children at the beginning of another school year, I will soon find … Continued

Mosque moves from center of division to healing

Today’s guest blogger is Molly Greening, a senior at Global College of Long Island University and a fall intern at … Continued

Engage Hate or Ignore It?

Despite the attitude of many Jewish leaders, I am not certain that ignoring this famously hateful church group at Westboro … Continued

Touched by an Angelina (Jolie)

By Elizabeth Tenetyproducer, Divine Impulses I grew up on Long Island, so the news that the Holy Family has taken … Continued

Death by Consumerism

A store employee at a Long Island Wal-Mart was killed Friday by stampeding shoppers. Bargain hunters broke down the doors, … Continued

Eat, Pray, Land

Live-blogging my flight: An anxious flyer takes to the skies. 2:00: I’m standing in line to board at Midway airport … Continued

Jews and Geography, or “No, I’m Not From New York”

One finding of the recent Pew study on the American religious landscape that did not surprise me was that the … Continued

Why Halloween is No Fun Anymore

Halloween is no fun for me anymore. I just can’t bring myself to make fun of ghosts and goblins and … Continued

11th Commandment: Stop Talking

A young woman reflects on her experience as a lector in the church.


Welcome to Faithbook, a new blog dedicated to expanding On Faith’s conversation on religion to a younger, curious and challenging … Continued