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Yes, Small Acts of Kindness Matter

Even small kindnesses remind us that love is as strong as death.

Growing Up Unwanted

My abusive father made me feel unworthy of love — until I realized that God’s love gives me value.

5 Christian Stereotypes That Need to Go

How can we stop being seen as judgmental, Bible-thumping, hypocrites?

Jesus Was a Refugee

Four biblical, Christ-like ways to respond to the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

4 Common Mistakes Newlyweds Make

How to get past the “culture shock” of marriage from a clinical counseling couple.

5 Reasons Kids Need Godly Men as Fathers

Earthly fathers have the unique opportunity to be direct reflections of God’s love to their children.

4 Profound Lessons I Learned From My Dogs

God can use all of His creation to teach us about life, love, and grace.

5 Problems with Trying to Prove Your Radical Love of God

Young Christians are more cause-driven than ever. But what are we really trying to prove?

5 Reasons to Stop Being a Valentine’s Day Curmudgeon

Trade your “Love Sucks” piñata for a little pink and lots of love this February 14.

I Need You To Like Me, Really

Finding out who we are is the first step in a long walk towards loving ourselves and others well.

Church Community Should Be Messy

Church leaders: let’s challenge ourselves to prioritize love over comfort in our communities.

The Worst Wedding Scripture Ever?

Although we often place it in a romantic frame, the first epistle to the Corinthians wasn’t written to a married couple.

Can We Know the World and Still Love It?

Starting this beautiful and diverse church has shown me how to love the world in all its brokenness and pain.

Sin: Making Sense Out of Nonsense

Love the sinner, hate the sin? That doesn’t work for atheists. But even we can make sense of sin.

Marriage: What’s love got to do with it? Historically, very little

Scholars say that through much of human history, romantic love and marriage were not bedfellows.

Can Faith Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

It may surprise many parents and other adults to learn they are wrong — really wrong — about teens.