Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

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So this is Christmas . . .

AP A Christian worshiper prays at the Church of Nativity, traditionally believed by Christians to be the birthplace of Jesus … Continued

Rosh Hashanah: The start of a new year for humankind as a whole

REUTERS Jewish worshippers pray at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, in Jerusalem’s Old City Sept. 16, 2012, ahead … Continued

Israel is no cancer

BLOOMBERG Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, speaks at a news conference in New Yor in 2001. When the Iranian President … Continued

The blue bra revolution

  Amr Nabil AP An Egyptian woman raises a copy of Al Tahrir newspaper fronted by a picture showing half … Continued

Seeing Jerusalem anew

Many of us who travel to Israel frequently risk becoming jaded. Obsessed by Realpolitik, the peace process, internecine and ultimately … Continued

Iran’s green jihad

By Melody Moezzi author and attorney I like to fancy myself a jihadist. Not in the false, hackneyed and mistranslated … Continued

Bias against pomposity

Q: Is there widespread media bias against Christianity? Against evangelicals such as Brit Hume and Sarah Palin? Against public figures … Continued

Jewish and Muslim profiles in courage

By Menachem Z. Rosensaftprofessor, Cornell Law School At a time when Judaeophobia – a more accurate term than anti-Semitism in … Continued

Elie Wiesel Speaks at John Hagee Event

By Michelle Boorstein John McCain had to distance himself from controversial Texas megapastor John Hagee, but Holocaust survivor and Nobel … Continued

Netanyahu’s UN Speech

By Hilary Krieger One day after Libyan leader Muammar el-Qaddafi appeared before the United Nations General Assembly and proceeded to … Continued

Weapons of Mass Demonization

Q: Reacting in part to recent missile tests by Iran and North Korea, President Obama and a unanimous UN Security … Continued

Peace or Destruction: An Imminent Choice

Q: Reacting in part to recent missile tests by Iran and North Korea, President Obama and a unanimous UN Security … Continued

Ahmadinejad Denial

By Marvin Hierfounder and dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center Once again, on the eve of his departure to New York to … Continued

Engaging the World Anew

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg One of the emerging lessons of the Obama administration’s foreign policy might be … Continued

Cleric’s Defiance a Breach of Faith?

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg According to the constitution, everything in the country is determined by people’s vote. … Continued

Cell Phones vs. Chadors in Tehran

From Capitol Hill to Main Street, it’s amazing how many people think the fight in Iran is a battle between … Continued

What Obama Should Say about Iran’s Election

President Obama said many of the right things as the turmoil surrounding the outcome of the Iranian election unfolded. After … Continued

Theocracy Destroys Democracy

Given the election-related turmoil in the Islamic Republic of Iran, can democracy ever take hold in a theocracy? How should … Continued

FAITH COMPLEX: What’s Good for Islam? A Secular State

FAITH COMPLEX By Jacques Berlinerblau If I seem a bit amped up during my interview with Professor Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, … Continued

Human Rights and Wrongs and the UN

By Abraham Cooper with Harold BrackmanSimon Wiesenthal Center For most people who attended or watched Durban II–the UN’s “anti-racism” conference … Continued