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It’s A Tool, Stupid!

The Question: E-mail: Blessing or Curse? Are eating utensils a blessing or a curse? They’re a blessing if you want … Continued

Leader of the Movement, not the Party

It is tempting to believe that the U.S. political system of two parties is an immutable standard for democracy. It … Continued

Faith at Home in America

Einstein has been quoted as saying,” science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind.” If these words … Continued

A Prophetic Voice of Hope

Barack Obama continues to elicit responses of profound passion and enthusiasm from many Americans. He evokes hope and inspires people … Continued

Mourning a Lost Mentor

When I was first starting the Interfaith Youth Core, I sent out letters and made phone calls to just about … Continued

Nodding to Nonbelievers

Over the past few weeks I have been tracking an intriguing trend: assorted presidential candidates are acknowledging that nonbelievers might … Continued

Arguing Identity: Race, Religion and Beyond

Buried in the typical bile on the comment board of my last column is an interesting thread about the nature … Continued

Remembering Dr. King With Service and Prayer

I grew up in a family where the value of service was emphasized and where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. … Continued

Muslims are Europeans, not Foreigners

Fouad Ajami wrote a provocative piece in The New York Times Book Review last Sunday about whether the challenges that … Continued

The Jewish Mind and the American Mind

1…..Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel (d.1972) and his martini came to mind as I read this “On Faith” assignment: “We know … Continued

Holiday or Holy Day?

Whether Christmas should be a Christian holy day or a secular holiday is a moot point. Popular culture has so … Continued

Christ and The Cookie Monster

Christ and The Cookie monster both stand as victims of 21st Century American political correctness. Surely these two characters, left … Continued

Saving the World and Ourselves

I think that people of faith are called to speak, work, advocate, pray, protest around issues that affect the human … Continued

Mitt Romney’s American Religion

Imagine if John Edwards, Hilary Clinton or John McCain gave a speech on faith. Would it have been awaited with … Continued

Closet Theocrat

Mitt Romney’s speech was so chock full of buzz words, it was difficult at first to tell if he subscribes … Continued

Faith Turns Dreams into Deeds

“The highest flights of charity, devotion, trust, patience, bravery to which the wings of human nature have spread themselves have … Continued

Embracing Evangelicals

Many of my secular liberal friends think Evangelicals are a little like snakes: Not all of them are poisonous, but … Continued

Interfaith Conversation

Some of the most important and illuminating literature of the 20th Century was about the role that faith played in … Continued

Justified Under Some Circumstances

Centuries of Christian ethical reflection would lead to the answer “no.” Inflicting bodily or psychological harm on a helpless captive … Continued

The Danger of Strict Secularism

The central problem with a rigid secularism is simple: it would remove one of the main sources of social reform … Continued