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Pope’s final book on Jesus focuses on Christmas birth, hidden childhood

VATICAN CITY — Just in time for Christmas, the Vatican on Tuesday (Nov. 20) unveiled a new book by Pope … Continued

After Vatican’s rebuke of nuns, time to hear Mary’s voice

Imagine the fury of the men of Galilee when a young, unmarried girl showed up in their village pregnant. They … Continued

A ‘Sermon on the Mount’ for today

In terms of church attendance, America is far ahead of England and Western Europe, but I wonder if this has … Continued

Why does God allow unemployment to happen to good people?

It’s a question that has vexed religious communities for millennia, and in a time of high unemployment and low prosperity, … Continued

Cracking open the Torah and finding my faith

By Leila Levinson I never had much use for the Torah. I called it “An Anthology of Trauma.” Like keeping … Continued

Harris, Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennett: Evangelical atheists?

By: Reza Aslan One cold spring day in London, as I crossed the bustling square at Piccadilly Circus, I looked … Continued

God’s ambitions for us

By John Kasichformer Congressman We know instinctively that life can’t be all about us. We’re hard-wired to understand that self-absorption … Continued

Shukla and Chopra: The Great Yoga Debate

On April 18, On Faith panelist Aseem Shukla wrote an essay on yoga’s American popularity and Hindu heritage. On April … Continued

The theft of yoga

Nearly 20 million people in the United States gather together routinely, fold their hands and utter the Hindu greeting of … Continued

Is consciousness connected to the fine structure of the universe?

On March 27 I interviewed Dr. Stuart Hameroff of the Center for Consciousness Studies of the University of Arizona. Here … Continued

Ancient Greek philosophy for the modern world

By Eric HeinzeFaculty of Laws, University of London Scarcely a day goes by without the media running a spot about … Continued

Atheists — naughty and nice — should define themselves

I was somewhat taken aback recently when I found myself on a list of “kinder, gentler atheists”–most of them women–compiled … Continued

Voodoo’s view of the quake in Haiti

By Elizabeth McAlister Associate Professor of Religion, Wesleyan University Vodouists in the Haitian diaspora are praying on their knees today, … Continued

Michael Jackson and the God Feeling

In startling ways pop culture mirrors long-standing spiritual arguments. In an age where the stage has replaced the pulpit — … Continued

Murder by Faith? A Tale of Two Worldviews

What should be done when parents rely on religion instead of medicine to heal sick children? I doubt that any … Continued

Choosing Tylenol and God

By Barbara Bradley HagertyNPR’s Religion Correspondent I would like to say I left the faith of my childhood for exclusively … Continued

Darwin The Disturber

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, disturber of the peace, and this year also marks … Continued

Obama’s Three Levels of Oratory

We human beings are moved more by passion than by reason. Reason can only enlighten, it cannot touch our springs … Continued

Jesus of Siberia

This past July, Kevin Sullivan, the Washington Post London correspondent, went to Siberia, 2,000 miles from Moscow, to interview a … Continued

Religion, Heal Thyself First

Can religion cure the world’s biggest social problems?! Who are we kidding? The major challenge to religion, in this next … Continued