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How I Survived Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome

Seeing God as the Divine Disco Ball saved me from the spiritual crisis of my twenties.

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Yoga

Yoga may be a lot more — and a lot less — than you think it is.

How to Find Spirituality in a Nightclub

The same hope and need and desire for meaning can push us to both churches and clubs.

The Quasi-Religious Roots of Weezer 

Notes on the spiritual and religious background of one of the biggest acts in American rock.

How to Pray for Divine Guidance Without Religion

An atheist finds wisdom in prayer, even if it is a practice often undergirded by indefensible beliefs.

Addicts Can Enjoy Pleasure, Too

An American Buddhist teacher — and former addict — on the path of recovery.

The Self-Interested Case for Not Being a Jerk

Being mean feels good for a moment. But researchers are finding that kindness is the source of lifelong happiness.

Can’t Pray? Try Metta Instead

A humanist how-to guide to the loving-kindness meditation known as metta.

Pairing Pilates and Prayer

Two pilate instructors launch SoulCore, a “Mary-led and Holy Spirit-led” workout with the prayers of the Catholic Rosary.