Moral Clarity

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Jewish and Christian leaders try to revive at-risk interfaith group

WASHINGTON — As a coalition of mostly Christian groups gathered here Thursday (Nov. 29) to support church leaders who have … Continued

Ryan: ‘American foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose’

“In the days ahead, and in the years ahead, American foreign policy needs moral clarity and firmness of purpose. Only … Continued

A Catholic DREAM Act

The time is now in Catholic America to pass the Dream Act. Many in Washington are trying to make political … Continued

Pulpit fiction

By David Waters Dozens of defiant Christian ministers across the country defied IRS warnings and turned their sermons into partisan … Continued

Evangelical Voices Against Nukes

By Tyler Wigg-Stevensonfounding director, Two Futures Project Even a casual student of American politics must wonder what evangelicals are doing … Continued

Understanding Our Own Faith First

Today’s guest post is by Jonathan Mroz, Manager of the Countering Violent Extremism Initiative at the EastWest Institute (EWI) and … Continued

A Sikh in America

On Oct. 18, Sikhs worldwide will be celebrating the 300th anniversary of the installation of Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism’s living … Continued

Is Morality Driven by Faith?

Is morality driven by faith? Few things unite believers and atheists more firmly than the suggestion that moral judgments draw … Continued

Hagee, AIPAC and the GOP

When John McCain hastily rejected the endorsement of televangelist John Hagee last week, he wanted America to believe that he … Continued

Tolerance, Not Approval

The problem with ideologues in politics is their attempt to make a science of something that is an art. Unlike … Continued

Dedication of Billy Graham Library

Notes for Remarks By President George Bush Dedication of the Bill Graham Library Charlotte, North Carolina May 31, 2007 Remarks/Twelve … Continued

Blame Sin, Not God

Like most Americans, I was overwhelmed by the images of Monday’s shootings on the Virginia Tech campus. My heart ached … Continued