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What Good is Religion?

Religions may be declining in their ability to provide altruistically motivated, communally organized support, but we have few other models to work with.

Why atheists should respect believers

Mark Poprocki / iStock Certain atheists are happy to proclaim their disgust for religion and believers whenever they get a … Continued

Why my faith calls me to defend women’s reproductive rights

View Photo Gallery: The Catholic Church in particular is credited with organizing and driving the anti-abortion movement for decades, but religious … Continued

In Giles County school, will Ten Commandments stay or go?

Anonymous AP In this 1955 file photo Charlton Heston in charecter as Moses in “The Ten Commandments.” The two-year battle … Continued

Swimming for the soul

Aaron Favila AP Filipino girls participate in swimming lessons at a public pool in the Dapitan Sports Complex in Manila, … Continued

Blessed are they who mourn?

“Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” –Jesus in The Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5:4. Imagine, … Continued

Nuclear swords to God’s plowshares

By Deena Guzderfree-lance journalist While most Americans were celebrating Independence Day by unfurling flags and setting off fireworks, over a … Continued

Theology differs, message the same

Are all the religions the same? There is no question that all religions preach essentially the same lessons of love, … Continued

Gaza: What would Jehovah do?

Question: In a statement Monday, Vice President Biden said the U.S. is consulting with other nations “on new ways to … Continued

A refreshing alternative to the hook-up culture

My religion, Catholicism, often is portrayed as a stumbling block to healthy attitudes about sex, and the clergy abuse scandal … Continued

A criminal matter, not a spiritual one

Q:A senior Vatican priest last week compared outrage at Pope Benedict’s handling of sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church … Continued

Bishops as marriage experts

By David Waters The 60-page pastoral lecture letter on marriage issued this week by the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops defends … Continued

Morality: a central component of humanity

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

A Book We Love That Loves Us Back

For centuries the Good Book has seemed like a Closed Book to most people. Its archaic and often patriarchal language, … Continued

Rick Warren: A Public Educator Worthy of Honor

Rick Warren is a sensible man who represents the center of American Christianity. Christian ideas and culture are part of … Continued

Election Day or Judgment Day for Catholics?

Feeling any pressure to cast the right vote Nov. 4? Imagine how some Roman Catholic parishioners are feeling in Missouri. … Continued

Only Bad Capitalists Go to Heaven

The Catholic Church teaches that only bad capitalists go to heaven. If you are a “good” capitalist who believes in … Continued

“The People of Many Books”

The Jews are not just “The People of the Book.” Much closer to the fact, they are “The People of … Continued

McCain, Parsley, Hagee, and Apocalyptic Foreign Policy

The Question: John McCain’s spiritual guide, televangelist Rod Parsley, calls Islam a “false religion” that should be “destroyed.” Should McCain … Continued

Religious Leaders Must Avoid Partisan Entanglements

The Question: How should Barack Obama have responded to inflammatory remarks made by his former pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright? Are … Continued