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America’s Next Ethnic Barrier

Editor’s Note: The author will be one of three Jesuit panelists discussing “Muslims and Christians: Where Do We Stand?” at … Continued

Colin Powell and My American Faith

During the great immigration waves of 1900, a rabbi said of our melting pot, “All names are American names.” How … Continued

Ramadan and Fasting in a Parallel Universe

Today’s guest blogger is Usra Ghazi, an American Muslim living and working in Amman, Jordan. Usra is a graduate of … Continued

Speak for Yourself

Today’s guest blogger is Erum Ibrahim, a rising senior at DePaul University majoring in International Studies and Political Science. Erum … Continued

The God Who Revels in Diversity

I used to think God was a Catholic. Well… maybe Christian. Then… perhaps Judeo-Christian. But my work as the host … Continued

“Oh, My God!”

How many of us have cried “Oh, My God” in the last six years as we have seen horrific events … Continued

On Being a Muslim American

There is a man who stands on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago with a sign that says Russian spies are … Continued

Enough of Heaven and Hell

Oh, for heaven’s sake. This question irritates the…inferno out of me. Of all the pointless, utterly childish notions associated with … Continued

Church and Mosque and State

The next question from the audience was about the separation of church and state. Does Islam allow for and accept … Continued

News Coverage of Muslims in America

Meacham picked up the thread of Quinn’s question and said it’s important for people of faith to honor each other … Continued

Perceptions and Reality

Esposito next turned to Sally Quinn of the Washington Post, who with Meacham is co-moderator of On Faith. Quinn said … Continued

Pop Culture, Media and Identity

Esposito then turned to Salman Ahmad, the Sufi rock star from Pakistan who grew up in New York City. Ahmad … Continued

Diverse Muslims, Violent Islamist Fundamentalism

First, the Muslim religion and Islamist fundamentalism as a religio-political force are two different, though related, entities. Muslims, like all … Continued