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Southern Baptists Praise Obama, then Condemn His Views, Policies

By David Waters Southern Baptists honored the historic election of President Obama and praised his dedication to his family, but … Continued

Progressive Faith Groups Advertise on Christian Radio

By Jacqueline L. Salmon Christian radio sure has been hearing a lot from liberal- and progressive-backed groups lately. It’s a … Continued

Why Bygones Can’t be Bygones

By Donald W. Shriver Jr. and Bob Edgar In 2009 we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the … Continued

The Next Phase of Islamist Lawfare

By Brooke Goldstein and Aaron Eitan MeyerLegal Project of the Middle East Forum The phenomenon known as Islamist “lawfare,” or … Continued

Obama a Champion at Notre Dame

One concrete result of the controversy at Notre Dame this weekend was a much larger audience for President Obama’s Commencement … Continued

Consciences in Conflict

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. Most Americans believe that they should follow their consciences as the ultimate … Continued

Too Many Crusaders in U.S. Uniforms

By Mikey Weinsteinpresident, Military Religious Freedom Foundation Imagine a theocratic militia imposing its will on whoever it encounters; forcing its … Continued

Checking your faith and politics at the border

Today’s guest blogger is Farhana Khera, Executive Director of Muslim Advocates and the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML). Muslim … Continued

Christian America and Fox Populi

While I was away over the Easter holiday, I read Newsweek editor (and On Faith co-moderator) Jon Meacham’s cover story … Continued

Government Money For Religion Equals Government Favoritism Of Religion

It will hardly be news to readers of this column that I consider all government funding for faith-based community organizations … Continued

Obama Must Transcend Israeli/Palestinian Divisions

After eight years of the Bush administration, the Arab and Muslim world and many others in the global community greeted … Continued

Start by Listening to the Real Muslim World

President Obama seems to be starting off in a good direction with regards the Muslim world. In his first week … Continued

A Renewed Faith in Public Life

It’s a better country than I thought it was. I honestly wouldn’t have thought this possible. I guess I would … Continued

How Obama Should Approach Religion-Based Conflicts

An open letter to President-elect Barack Obama. Mr. President-elect: There is no greater challenge confronting you than that posed by … Continued

How Do You Confront Utter Madness?

I don’t have the slightest idea how the new Obama administration should confront terrorism around the globe or whether any … Continued

Blessed Peacemakers

There’s a long line of people and organizations impatient to meet America’s President-elect and to place their issues high on … Continued

An Election-Eve Call to Reconciliation

I’m a conservative Christian–what the media calls an evangelical. I believe in creationism, oppose gay marriage, and think abortion is … Continued

Colin Powell and My American Faith

During the great immigration waves of 1900, a rabbi said of our melting pot, “All names are American names.” How … Continued

Secular Values Voters and the Presidential Debates

The first forum held between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama took place in a megachurch. Today, they are … Continued

Sarah Palin and the Jews 101

Making sense of the Jewish vote in 2008 is something of an emerging specialization at the University of Faith and … Continued