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Presidential Aptitude Test

If you can get through police lines to meet any Presidential candidate this fall (with fewer than three billy-clubbings or … Continued

Country Last

John McCain has demonstrated, with the Sarah Palin vice-presidential pick, that these days he puts his country last, certainly behind … Continued

Saddleback Shines Light on Faith/Foreign Policy Link

Saturday’s Saddleback Civil Forum could go down as the most important pre-convention event of the 2008 general election. Pundits continue … Continued

The Emerging Interfaith Youth Movement

Note to Readers of The Faith Divide: This week we will be launching two new features. One is a weekly … Continued

The Coming Battle for Electoral Heaven

With Hillary’s Clinton’s expected suspension of campaign operations Saturday, the Faith and Values Primary Season will officially come to an … Continued

Smearing Muslims

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read last week that Nelson Mandela was on the terrorism … Continued

Georgetown/On Faith Bloggers

Jacques Berlinerblau, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Jewish Civilization Georgetown University, and director of the Program for Jewish Civilization at … Continued

Obama, Clinton Put on Their Sunday Best

As I get ready for this Sunday’s Compassion Forum, I keep repeating to myself the French maxim: “Les absents ont … Continued

Baseball: Bad Sport, Bad Religion, National Security Threat

I greet the spring like characters in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: with relief, weary gratitude and ebullience. As the month of … Continued

Where’s the Speech on Religion?

Avoid religion and politics at the dinner table — so goes the conventional wisdom. Tempers will flare and appetites curdle … Continued

Who Speaks for Islam?

The politicization of scholars, experts and media commentators post-9/11 has created a minefield for policymakers and the general public as … Continued

Why Did Rudy Plunge?

It seems like just a few months ago–October to be exact–I was chatting with a person working for President Bush … Continued

Top Ten Faith and Values Developments of 2007

I suppose this top-ten list should be prefaced with a disclaimer — something to the effect that I loathe top-ten … Continued

5 Ways to Find Peace at Christmas

Dom Christian De Cherge was one of seven French Trappist monks killed by militant Islamic extremists in Algeria in 1996. … Continued

Sexual Sin: A Private, Not Public, Affair

The American obsession with sex scandals–as opposed, say, to political scandals involving serious violations of individual liberties, abuses of government … Continued

The Rise of Devalued Voters

It’s official. Even though James Dobson explicitly denied it last month, we can now say with certainty: Conservative Christian America … Continued

Tortured Values, Tortured Logic

Torture can never be justified. Torture violates all standards of civilization, morality, ethics, and religion. Even setting aside morality and … Continued

Anti-American Patriotism

What would you think if I told you every high school kid in baggy pants was a drug dealer? Or … Continued

Note to Mitt, Fred and John: 2004 is So Over!

In 2004, George W. Bush won the presidency by assembling a coalition of White Evangelicals (78% of whom cast their … Continued

Rudy Giuliani: The Perfect Imperfect Catholic (Part II)

“Unriddle the mysteries of human nature!” as Kafka liked to say. In last Friday’s post I asked how it was … Continued