Natural Selection

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On Feb. 12, should Darwin get his day?

Michele Westmorland ILCP.COM Moon Jellies Schools of floating, pulsing mastigias and moon jellyfish. Trapped in this plankton-rich inland lake eons … Continued

Humanism for children

The American Humanist Association is promoting a new Web site that is designed to furnish children with a naturalistic or … Continued

Sex-selective abortion hypocrisy

The “pro-choice” community was backed into a difficult, and illogical, position last week, a consequence of their own actions. While … Continued

Who would rally against reason?

March 24th is a landmark date for Washington, D.C. Thousands will converge on the world’s leading capital city to celebrate … Continued

In remembrance of my friend Hitch

SHANNON STAPLETON REUTERS Author Christopher Hitchens poses for a portrait outside his hotel in New York in this June 7, … Continued

Understanding Rick Perry’s Texas Two-Step on evolution

Melina Mara THE WASHINGTON POST Surrounded by media, presidential candidate for the GOP nomination and Republican Governor of Texas, Rick … Continued

Christian charity its own campaign against atheism

Q. Atheist actor and writer Ricky Gervais is working on a new show, Afterlife , which features “an atheist who … Continued

Surprise, right-wing atheists do exist

The world, it seems, is waking up to the existence of politically right-wing atheists, who prove that you don’t have … Continued

How evolutionary theory’s other discoverer could heal the Darwin divide

By David Klinghoffer The seemingly ineradicable opinion divide on evolution calls to mind Mark Twain’s quip that everyone talks about … Continued

Getting Linker’s “Religious Test” wrong

Unorthodoxy By Patrick J. Deneen Damon Linker – former editor of “First Things” and author of the book Theocons – … Continued

Should secularism be taught in public schools?

By Nancy Pearcey “Communism has taken over the stage at the Los Angeles Opera,” exults The People’s World. The opera … Continued

American atheists irreligiously united, politically divided

In the United States, largely as a result of the relatively recent, post-1980 alliance between the political and religious right, … Continued

Helping Haiti because it makes us feel good

Whenever natural disasters strike, there follows an outpouring of humanity. We have a deeply evolved psychological need to help people … Continued

Darwin, God, and the drama of life

By John F. HaughtWoodstock Theological Center Evolution makes very good sense scientifically speaking. But does it make good sense theologically … Continued

A dozen reasons to celebrate Darwin

By Deborah Heiligmanauthor This is Darwin’s year. We celebrated his 200th birthday in February and this month is the 150th … Continued

Evolution of the supernatural

Nicholas Wadejournalist, author When a human behavior is ancient and universal, it’s reasonable to suspect it may be part of … Continued

Laws Should Honor the Mutual Superiority of the Sexes

Former President Jimmy Carter, writing this month on behalf of a dozen world leaders including Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu, … Continued

Poll: Can You Believe in Darwin and God?

By William Wan As part of the celebration of Charles Darwin’s bicentenary, the British Council has released a new survey … Continued

Darwin’s Scientific Skeptics

By John G. WestSenior Fellow at Discovery Institute Is evolution compatible with faith in God? It’s a question that is … Continued

Using Religion to Suppress Debate on Evolution

By John G. WestSenior Fellow, Discovery Institute Evolution was back in the headlines this week as the Texas State Board … Continued