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Syrian Christians may get pulled into civil war

ISTANBUL — A huge statue of the Virgin Mary towers over churches, monasteries and mosques in the Syrian city of … Continued

Former National Council of Churches leader Bob Edgar dead at 69

The Rev. Bob Edgar, a Democratic congressman and United Methodist minister who went on to lead the National Council of … Continued

#MyJihad: Campaign to amplify the voice of mainstream Muslims

Courtesy of Public educaton campaign called MyJihad featured in an advertisement on the side of a Chicago bus. As … Continued

Disciplinary hearing delayed for Mormon blogger David Twede

SALT LAKE CITY — A Mormon blogger — accused of apostasy for writing critical web essays about Mormon history, temple … Continued

Mormon blogger faces excommunication over temples, not Romney

SALT LAKE CITY — A Mormon blogger who has written critical web essays about Mormon history, temple worship and contemporary … Continued

Sept. 11 awakened us to a ‘battle for the soul of Islam’

REUTERS The Tribute in Light illuminates the sky over Lower Manhattan in remembrance of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on … Continued

Baptist leader stands his political ground on Todd Akin’s campaign

ST. LOUIS — Don Hinkle stands out among the serious, conservative men of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Not that Hinkle … Continued

Do you have faith in the media?

A visiting Martian might be forgiven for thinking that Americans care more about the religion of prospective presidential candidates than … Continued

Holy hoodies: Trayvon Martin, a child of God

Thousands and thousands of Americans are now wearing hoodies, the hooded sweatshirt that Trayvon Martin was wearing when he was … Continued

October 21, 2011: Harold Camping’s latest Apocalypse prediction

Spencer Platt Even though his predicted physical Rapture didn’t take place on May 21, 2011, Harold Camping affirmed recently that … Continued

What Michele Bachmann could learn from JFK

Michele Bachmann and John F. Kennedy have something in common. Both have come under intense scrutiny for their faith. Bachmann … Continued

From Jesus’ socialism to capitalistic Christianity

A truly strange thing has happened to American Christianity. A set of profound contradictions have developed within modern conservative Christianity, … Continued

MOOZ-lum, the movie

Spoiler Alert!!! The following article presents specific story details about the film, MOOZ-lum. By Usame Tunagur, contributor to Stereotypical … Continued

Threats to what is best in America

In Texas, a Catholic bishop made two hospitals cease doing tube-tying operations for women who are not going to have … Continued

“Dog bites man” stories selected as top religious news of the year

As voted by the Religion Newswriters Association’s members, among the year’s most consequential religion newsmakers were Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, … Continued

Charlie Rangel’s Deadly Sin

When the last Puritans unlocked a local miscreant from the town stocks for a final time, my guess is they … Continued

Muslims Wearing Things, and also taking stands

By Beenish Ahmed, contributor to AltMuslimah Last week, Juan Williams, a high-ranking news analyst, made some off-the-cuff comments on “The … Continued

Should we fear Islam?

By Congressman Keith Ellison At a time when our nation is seeing a rise in intolerant behavior, crossing every cultural … Continued

President Bush meets Pastor Bonhoeffer (in 600 pages!)

By Gustav Niebuhr How many Americans, over their first cup of coffee of the day, ask themselves, “I wonder what … Continued

Christine O’Donnell and the “Satanic Altar”

By Gustav Niebuhr I’ve been following elections since the 1960s, but this weekend marks the very first time I have … Continued