Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel talks about facing his mortality on OWN

Photo Credit: © 2012 Harpo Productions, Inc./George Burns Author and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel with Oprah Winfrey during a taping … Continued

What is the 9/11 Unity Walk?

As a lifelong interfaith junkie, I remember attending an interesting annual event a few years ago called the 9/11 Unity … Continued

The Egyptian revolution: An interfaith movement

Today’s guest blogger is Frank Fredericks, executive director of World Faith, co-director of Religious Freedom USA, and president of Çöñàr … Continued

Mr. President, seize this moment

An anti-Mubarack protestor watches the rally below from atop a bill board in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, Egypt on … Continued

Do Egyptians want both democracy and a role for religion in their government?

Egyptian anti-government protesters stand atop an Egyptian army tank during a protest in Tahrir Square. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP) The dramatic images … Continued

Mother Teresa at 100: Catholic irony and the Empire State Building squabble

By Tracy Grant Mother Teresa must be spinning. Catholic organizations are sniping at each other over the best way to … Continued

A glimmer of hope in Israeli-Palestinian dance of death

By Raouf J. Halabyprofessor of English and Art, Ouachita University While co-leading a group of university students in Europe, on … Continued

Elie Wiesel Speaks at John Hagee Event

By Michelle Boorstein John McCain had to distance himself from controversial Texas megapastor John Hagee, but Holocaust survivor and Nobel … Continued

Then They Came for the Bahá’ís

Today’s guest bloggers are Remz Pokorny and Jeremy Lambshead. Remz Pokorny is a senior at Brandeis University and an Interfaith … Continued

Take Your Spirit to School

As we gear up to send our kids back to school, let us not forget the importance of teaching our soul as well as our minds.

“Ants are not bugs!”

Preachers are indignant against what offends what they’re for. I felt that indignation in E.O.Wilson when I heard him snort, … Continued

Old News, Ancient Experiences

The current press conniption over Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta amounts to a tempest in a teapot, although one that … Continued