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Muslims name 37 groups that fuel Islamophobia

WASHINGTON — Groups with a mission to spread prejudice and hatred against Muslims are coordinated and well financed, according to … Continued

Atheists: Let your conscience be your god

Recently I was invited to participate in a Religion and Law Conference at Florida State University. Almost all the other … Continued

Gordon Cosby’s Jesus

Years ago when I was trying to figure out how to be a faithful and effective pastor in the city … Continued

Poll: Most Americans say employers should cover contraception

Most Americans say that employers — even religious ones — should provide birth control coverage to their employees, according to … Continued

Raising the bar of LGBT inclusion within the Jewish world

Jewish tradition teaches that we have a duty to treat all people with dignity and respect (kavod habriyot), as though … Continued

Atheists challenge the tax exemption for religious groups

How much money does the U.S. government forgo by not taxing religious institutions? According to a University of Tampa professor, … Continued

Nonprofit groups oppose Obama’s change in charitable deductions

WASHINGTON — For the fourth year in a row, President Obama is proposing lower tax deductions for the wealthy on … Continued

One year after Cairo: Young Muslim Americans the new beginning

On June 4, 2009, President Obama gave a speech at Cairo University. The President said he had come to Cairo … Continued

Q&A with World Vision president

By William Wan Among the 25 members of the President Obama’s Faith Council in town this week to pass on … Continued

Only one season for giving?

By Wess Staffordpresident and CEO, Compassion International The last two months of the year have traditionally been known as “the … Continued

Van Jones, Patriot

It makes me sad and a little sick that Van Jones, the White House Green Jobs Czar, was forced to … Continued

White House Iftar

Tuesday night’s White House Iftar had both a courtly feel and a common touch. Servers circled the ornate reception rooms … Continued

Religious Organizations Provide a Third of Volunteers

By Wililam Wan The White House is drawing attention to an interesting new study on volunteerism in the U.S. The … Continued

Servant Leadership in a Public Health Crisis

By J. Lewis Saylor The faith community, like the rest of the world, is being confronted by the potential of … Continued

Evangelical Call for Endorsements

Jesus ate with reviled tax collectors, a scandal to religious authorities at the time, but as far as I can … Continued

Calendar at Sixes and Sevens

by MICHELLE C. RINDELS of Religion News Service It comes only once a century. So for the host of religious … Continued

So Far, So Good Except . . .

I am here to answer the question. Evidently, I have the patience and the interest to answer as well. As … Continued

Church in China Strong, Growing

The past few weeks, I have been traveling in the U.S. – Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York City, and Washington, … Continued