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Sikhs deserve the dignity of being a statistic

GETTY IMAGES Community members pay respects to the six victims in the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin … Continued

America testifies

By Eboo Patel and Samantha Kirby. We know why Rep. Keith Ellison cried during yesterday’s King hearings. He cried because … Continued

World Cup competition and cooperation

Today’s guest bloggers are Mark Hopwood and Matthew John Cressler. Mark is a graduate student in Philosophy at the University … Continued

By Ilene Rosenblum On Monday at 2 p.m. I will be flying to Israel on a plane chartered by Nefesh … Continued

“Choose Your Own” Commemoration

Today’s guest blogger is Becca Hartman, a Research Associate at the Interfaith Youth Core. Becca originally joined the IFYC as … Continued

De-Militarizing Young Israelis and Palestinians

Today’s guest blogger is David Ellis, a Development Associate at the Interfaith Youth Core. David graduated in June of 2008 … Continued

Under God bloggers

Michelle Boorstein has been covering religion for The Post since January 2006. She has written about everything from a cult-like … Continued

The Holy Work of Journalism

Reporting is more than getting the facts straight.