Original Sin

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10 Questions About Hell From an Atheist

Go ahead, sound off here with your answers.

Why I Wish Pope Francis Was Joking about the Devil (and Other Beliefs)

Here’s my four-word solution for those struggling with demonic possession: “Stop believing in demons.”

Sin: Making Sense Out of Nonsense

Love the sinner, hate the sin? That doesn’t work for atheists. But even we can make sense of sin.

ANALYSIS: The ‘Breaking Bad’ finale was great. But was it good?

WARNING: More spoilers below than the Book of Revelation. (RNS) Nearly a week after the “Breaking Bad” finale aired, the … Continued

Do Young Catholics Even Understand Their Religion?

Millennials are not leaving because the teachings of the Church are not “progressive” enough, but because they themselves do not know the true substance of their faith.

Obama extols a biblical vision of equality for all in second inaugural

A presidential inauguration is by tradition the grandest ritual of America’s civil religion, but President Obama took the oath of … Continued

Is work a punishment from God?

On the first Monday of September, America honors working stiffs by taking a paid day off. But does Labor Day … Continued

A Heavenly Father for this life

“The idea that the universe invites me to pursue Heavenly Father’s perfection stirs and moves me, inspires my thinking, and … Continued

Are GOP candidates playing the race card?

David Goldman AP Kenneth Dansby, center, of Greenville, S.C., confronts Republican presidential candidate former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, right, at … Continued

Christmas means the redistribution of wealth

Pier Paolo Cito AP Workers check the branches of a Christmas tree that was placed in St. Peter’s Square at … Continued

Educating fundamentalists

If there is one thing that infuriates defenders of the faiths about atheists, it is that we keep pointing out … Continued

The view of the UN from Israel

Last week, on business in New York, I phoned home to learn that Spencer Platt GETTY IMAGES Prime Minister of … Continued

Religion: the ultimate tyranny

In light of the continuing political uprising throughout the Middle East, American leaders are reported to be recalculating their approach … Continued

What does a Muslim woman look like?

By Shazia Kamal, contributor to Altmuslimah.com I am not “visibly” a Muslim female– in other words, I don’t wear a … Continued

Knowing differently

In a Pew Forum survey released Tuesday, atheists and agnostic surpass all other groups in their knowledge of religion. How … Continued

A natural, if complicated, alliance

What is the Tea Party? Is it “a recession-era version of the religious right? ” Is it something else? And … Continued

The rise and fall of corporate religion

By Grady E. Meansauthor As a management consultant, former White House Staff member, religious writer, and “cradle Catholic,” I find … Continued

Health care reform and Holy Week

By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgroveminister and author When President Obama smiled wide last month before signing a controversial heath care bill, he … Continued

New kinds of Christianity

I believe in Jesus, and I believe in the resurrection. And the longer I believe, the more wonderful and meaningful … Continued

Obama, Haiti and God’s expectations

By Edward GrinnanEditor-in-Chief, Guideposts Every Martin Luther King Day the country seems to talk to itself, largely at the prodding … Continued